do i work here or not???

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by koz, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. koz

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    i was "invited in" and "processed" a couple of weeks ago and told that my next step was the drivers' test and then training...haven't heard boo from anyone and found that no one has given me a contact with whom to follow-up...i emailed upsjobs folks but never heard back from them either...admitedly, i did tell h.r. that i couldn't start working until 8/23 but was able to take the driving test before then....should i sit tight or just pop-in uninvited to see what's up?...thanks in advance for your advice, possible future colleagues:confused:1:confused:1
  2. dannyboy

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    Depends. If you really want the job, then follow it up with any type of communication. If they think you really want the job, that will stand you in good stead. Do you have another job that will keep you from starting before the 8-23? It could be that they need someone right now. And then again, there would be no reason to contact you about any position before that date if you told them you could not work before then.

  3. crzy4trucks

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    Drop in uninvited, It works... trust me... I did it.
  4. dannyboy

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    Along the same lines as the above post, I worked better than a week before Christmas on the preload. After Christmas break, I stopped at the center each day on the way to my classes at the college as the UPS center was right off the interstate I had to go up.

    After about the second week, the sup told me "hell, since your here, might as well work you." Started the next day. That was 33 years go. My guess by the above post, it still pays to be aggressive in getting what you want.

  5. tieguy

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    would not hurt to pop in and sound eager. They don't have anything planned for you until after you are available. The processing was an indication of interest in hiring you. Did they give you a road test?
  6. newguy

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    Similar to my experience being hired as a casual. The HR person told me I would work every day after I started.

    I went to training which was delayed for three weeks. After that they told me to call on Monday, no work. Call Tuesday. And on and on.

    Finally, I got a call to come in for Saturday Air for training. Worked 4 hours. Got my pay receipt. Between the union and taxes, I worked for free.

    That Satirday the Sup told me I would work every day. He was off on Monday, but I came in Tuesday to work, worked 10 hours, yay!!! Came in Wednesday, he was needed in the center and I got sent home. Was told I wouldn't work Thursday or Friday, but come Monday I would work every day. Sure...I can't trust this company, so I quit. I need a job that I can work every day.

    Not UPS bashing, just sharing my experience.
  7. Ms Spoken

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    It took me over a year to get on PT with UPS. I knew I wanted to work for them back when I was in high school. After my second interview I would call UPS collect every week and send Holiday cards just so they would remember my name. Why I went to all this trouble I will never know. But, they did hire me because I was costing them $$$$ for all the collect calls.. hahaha It worked..
  8. over9five

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    "The HR person told me I would work every day.."

    Ha! No honesty and integrity in HR either!
  9. koz

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    well, took posters' advice and went to the facility today....guard said i can't get in w/o an appointment...he did provide me w/2 contacts but just got voicemail boxes...left messages at both and will see what happens...:crying:
  10. dannyboy

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    Welll good. When you left teh voice mail, you did say you were coming into see them at 2PM tomorrow, right? That means you have an appointment with at least one of those contacts when you go back.

    Here at our building, you just waltz in and make yourself at home. One rentacop for three exits and entrances.