Does anyone else dream of a day when UPS will be a better place to work?

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    Does UPS really think this style of management is sustainable? I mean yea... sure, drivers never quit. They pay us just enough to keep us from walking away from a bad day and never coming back. I know its happened but in comparison to most jobs, probably not that often. Some people think we're crazy for complaining about too many hours especially in this economy.

    But I dream of a UPS where a long day is 9 hours, not 12 hours. Hell, I've only been driving for 6 years. Back then going over 10 was a big deal. In my center, I'm constantly hearing about over 11 and over 12. Maybe the next contract needs to have new language regarding OT pay. It seems to me that this is bottom on the union's list of priorities because like I said nowadays the norm is not enough hours at most jobs.

    I propose this new scale.

    ...over 10 double time + 20 minute bonus

    ...over 11 triple time + 20 minute bonus

    ...over 12 triple time + 20 minute bonus

    Then maybe they'll think twice about abusing us day after day after day with ridiculous amounts of work.
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    What are you smoking?
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    i don't dream / reality gets in the way
  4. The only way, I mean the only way(and it is a dream) is if all of us woke up and it was 1996 and stock was still private. As long as the morons on Wall street gamble with our companies worth and potential we are all doomed. Remember this every empire in history has fallen.......
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    We went public in 1999.
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    that's why I play the Mega millions once a week!!
  8. I know you meant well by pointing that out, but i picked 1996 because it was a good year for me. Pre strike of 97 and I remember well how thinks went. Technology was nowhere near what we have today. The whole company so much more simple. The culture was alive and well (we still got turkeys,lol) and when i though about my future I pictured a good career and a good place to work. I didnt fell as much like a number or liability like i do now. Go ahead pick this post apart too, its ok.
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    I don't recall the job ever being that wonderful. Seems like its always been too much work in too little time.
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    9 hours IS a long day for me so I'm not sure what your concern is.

    After 20 years, 17 driving, I still like the job. Yes, things have changed and not all for the better, but I still enjoy the job and some of the rewards it brings. And as far as picturing my future and a good place to work.........I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
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    Which is the flip side of being paid so much to deliver and pickup packages.
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    As long as they keep paying me I'm good to go. I knew what I was getting into when I started if you claiming you didn't know you have to work OT your full of S--t.

    If you wanted a 40 hr a week job you need to go work somewhere else. But we know that isn't going to happen as your not going to find to many job that Pays you $32 + hr, gives you a pension, and you don't pay for your healthcare and there are basically no qualifications needed besides a driver license and DOT card.
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    when Ill be getting my pension while sitting at home.
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    If our job is so easy and basic. Why do all the new guys quit?Everybody wants the money, but not too many people can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Would never refer to the job as wonderful, but it was a better place to work for in 96. Gave up that dream years ago in regards to it ever getting better.
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    We get paid plenty for moving boxes....but we are all underpaid for the mental B.S.
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    I don't get the money aspect.What's wrong with an 8 1/2 hr planned day?
    Forget the raises,hire more drivers.
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    The Teamsters present two contracts:

    Option #1: work an average of 50/hours per week, earn $37 at the conclusion of the contract (average driver earns more than $100,000 per year in Y5)
    Option #2: work an average of 40/hours per week, earn $34 at the conclusion of the contract (average driver earns more than $70,000 per year in Y5)

    Which do you think would overwhelming pass? ;)
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    Because most of us started when it was "easier" and have worked up to the level we are now. Today they expect these kids to jump in the package car the first day and run the same numbers as the guy who's been doing it for 20+ years. Eventually they break.