Does Seniority count? Honor Exist?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Marshal, May 10, 2014.

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    Hello! I work out on the ramp unloading and loading planes throughout the night on a 11:45 Shift-Start Time. I've been a employee for 5 years now. Our supervisor was absent that night, so instead of splitting us up another other RAMP crews. The full-timer put us inside the Hub. There's a 11:00 PM Six-hour-Start Time for 4 crews. Three 11:45 PM crews. Three 12:30 crews, and roughly four/five 1:30 crews. Anything past 11:00 PM is 3 hour crews.

    Roughly half an hour later, a 12:30 RAMP supervisor showed up and took two of our lowest seniority guys away to work his him, knowing he'd have only 3 people show up that night. The rest of us walked over and he says, the full-timer only let him take 2. And rest of us need to go back to the Hubb. Yet, we have a 13 year guy and myself + two other 5+ year guys.

    Aren't they suppose to honor our Seniority? It ticked us off that, a 1.5 year and a fresh 2 year got out of the hell hole of the Hubb. My Union Stewart said he's suppose to honor it and he'll discuss this with him. But, could this ass of a full-timer keep doing this as he pleases? I would have rather been picked up by a late Sup and traded in with fresh employees for the night. Being in the top 10 of an average 100 3 hours. You would think you'd get more respect.
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    Work as directed. So what? You get paid the same. There are other ways to show your dis like for what they have you do. Be smart
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    Work as directed? False. I was told to go home with the other Hubb people after "THEIR" shift was done. I told the supervisor that I'd file a grievance because my real shift RAMP workers were not done and I'm not going to let a 2 year employee get more time than me, because I was put in a crap area, due to our supervisor being gone that night.

    The Supervisor said, that's fine. Go and find another 11:45 crew to work with. And she didn't want a grievance on her butt. I gained overtime and 2 hours+ on the time I was "Work as directed" aka Leave now.

    You don't know how many times, I was told to go home by a Supervisor or Full-Timer even on Holiday Dates. Said, one word. Grievance and they left me alone. I never once dealt with my union Stewart, nor any discussion with them after those matters.
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  5. Did you file a grievance?
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    Didn't need after the encounter with the Supervisor. She let me be after hearing the word. But, the Union Stewart said he'll talk with the Full-Timer. Couldn't discuss much with him, since it was during work, and he was nearby due to dropping off Sort Cans.

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    I don't even have a union Stewart. I don't even know who the hell Stewart is. Hope I don't need him someday.
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    Maybe try discussing it with the sup as it happens rather than threatening with a grievance after the fact. The wrong sup will go out of their way to make sure you get overlooked every day, grievance be damned.
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    Since you're so big on one-word answers like "grievance," you should have tried out "seniority" when the move was actually taking place.
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    I did, words were exchanged with the Supervisor that took the two lowest from our crew. Which is why I stated myself, and our other crew members Seniority. The Union Stewart said the Supervisor in that situation was not one to respect others Seniority. Which, I already know. He's tried to force his highest of 8 years to become a Cargo Lear Jet Marshaller. When there's a couple 1-2 years in his crew. Which, I got him out of it, since becoming a Marshaller is based on Seniority of the RAMP. Not by directed to do so. I was once a Lear Marshal for four years. I told my Supervisor I was done with it on my last month of the 13 month contract. They said I already signed up again and was back in. The person in charge forged my signature, having an assumption I would keep going with the flow. He was fired after that assumption.

    Just to note: My area is very corrupt when it comes to Management/Sups. "Oh, hi Supervisor! Is it a Holiday today? Aka Holiday pay? "No"-Thanksgiving.

    They will always tell you, it's not Holiday pay. Regardless of it even being January 1st, or on Christmas.
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    Also, "When the move was taking place" I was pulling Cargo cans inside the building and looked over and saw both of the our lowest guys walking down the building. How can I be in a place, when I wasn't even there? Riddle me that.