Dog Bite=Warning Letter

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by upsdude, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. upsdude

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    Last Thursday a dog bit a driver in my center. The wound required 15 stitches. He was bitten in the morning, finished the day, and then went to the hospital. Delivery sup left him at the hospital at 1:30 AM. The driver’s wife got out of bed, woke up the kids and picked him up. Driver came in on Friday and worked the entire day. Monday morning the driver was advised he would get a warning letter for getting a dog bite. We were all informed at this morning’s PCM, a warning letter will be issued for any injury. Why? Because it’s impossible to get hurt if you follow the methods. Driver knocked on the door, customer answered, dog ran out and bit the driver.

    Keep it up UPS, ’08 is just around the corner.
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    Ill bet 5 of my send agains per week, will be from a house where I have had a close call with a dog. There is no redemption on this call until the dog is dead. Ive had too many peoples kids let the dog Out, and our learned wonderboy lawyer has told us, its no ones fault: too many doors that open in, so you have no protection. I just wont do it. And I predicted this would happen. The boss will say "you knew there was a dog there so its your fault". So I sit outside honk the horn, scan a notice throw it away and mark it ni1 dog in remarks column. After they call and complain, I call them back and tell them how their package will be delivered. You meet me at the truck. Ive been told "you will come up on this porch so I can sign" While their (insert type) is tied to their front porch to keep people away. Hey it works, I stay away, and I tell them that they have a better chance of seeing God than me coming in reach of the mutt. They want to tell you how they have control of their dog, and you will come to them. Well most of them dont have control of their faculties, so I doubt they have control of anything else. AHHH summer, aint it great.
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    Tooners 100% right.

    DO NOT do them any favors! "But they're your customers!!!" Get that crap out of your head right now. They are not your customers. You are a dumb truck driver. They are UPSs customers.

    Beep your horn. If the stupid dog owner doesn't run out to the truck, it's NI1.
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    You know as well as anyone. If UPS gave out warning letters for everything they said they would, that is all they would get done.

    That being said, if they do hand out a warning letter, then grieve the letter, and that would constitute reason for additional action against the home owners insurance.

    Tell the driver to contact the home owners insurance for damages and pain and suffering. But include the action of the company as well.

    Oh and make sure they pay him for ALL the time spent in the ER. And then also get reibursement from the company for the wifes drive to pick up her husband.

    Also file a grievance under the safety portion of the contract that the sup violated the companies guidelines and abandoned the driver at the ER. They are suposed to stay there with you. At least that is the way it is here.

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    That was great! Danny knows every step to take.

    (I just get pissed!)
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    Yeah, me too, a subject I just love to hate.
    Bottom line is, no one should get reprimanded for trying to do the job. Some things are unavoidable, and they just hate it when they have to call it THAT. A dog bite unless you walk up to the porch and tease a dog with Omaha steaks, is UNAVOIDABLE!!!!!
  7. dannyboy

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    Its not that I have all the answers, its that I too get mad, then think about getting even, then settle for getting things right.

    They owe the driver an appology at the very least, not a warning letter.

  8. Ms Spoken

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    Depending upon the circumstances of the case, "discrimination" can include:

    Firing or laying off
    Denying overtime or promotion
    Disciplining (by sending a warning letter)
    Denial of benefits
    Failure to hire or rehire
    Intimidation (That is the way UPS thinks they can treat their drivers)
    Reassignment affecting prospects for promotion
    Reducing pay or hours

    This was taken off of and there is no reason UPS is allowed to send a warning letter.
  9. tieguy

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    Sounds pretty screwed up all around. Most of this I can't defend. Dudes you seem pretty level headed. Is there any chance the driver did something stupid with the dog that put him in harms way?

    Next question 15 stitch dog bite. Why did the driver wait all day before getting it looked at and treated. Seems like he should have been going right away. Especially with the threat of infection?

    The delivery sup should be shot for his indifference.

    The warning letter has lost its true meaning. I would guess your center has a terrible safety picture your manager is getting his but beat about the centers injuries and now he is giving the " I gave the injured a warning letter" response.

    In a perfect world which some UPS centers believe it or not are actually tring to work towards; this incident would have been handled differently:

    1) a member of the safety committee probably management comes out and investigates the injury. Who what where etc.

    2) Driver recieves immediate medical care. You should not wait with a dog bite....ever!!!! Not only that but concern is shown for the injured employee first.

    3) Injury fully investigated and possible solutions or changes in procedures derived as a result. communicated by the safety committee to all.

    4) Driver only recieves warning letter if he/she did something grossly stupid like try to deliver the package on the back porch when the fenced in back yard clearly has beware of the dog signs posted.

    5) Feel free to add a 5 if you have one.

    Like I said many of us are trying to work towards a more perfect response to these events but admittidly some of us still chase a number or some of us still look at all injuries with suspicion based on a few bad apples that have worked the system. I hope your center manager actually has a good reason for giving that driver a warning letter.
  10. trickpony1

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    5) driver got warning letter because he isn't a kiss-ass, doesn't skip meal and won't get on his truck until his start time
  11. ups79

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    trickpony:off the subject, but do you drive a yellow mustang?
  12. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    Absolutely. Its important you try to be a dick and screw up the operation every day when you come to work so no one ever accuses you of being a kiss ass. :thumbup1: :thumbup1:
  13. upsdude

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    I'll try and answer what I can....................

    The customer opened the door, dog ran out and bit the driver. No unusual circumstances.

    Driver worked all day because he wrapped his leg and didn’t think it was that bad. He did call the center after it happened. Management should have drove 8 miles and checked on him.

    Sorry Trick, but this guy does come in at 7:30 every morning to go through his truck. He’s also been known to skip lunch. He’s also a guy that never ever calls in.

    Warning Letters in our building seem to take 2-3 weeks before they arrive in the mail. We won’t really know for a couple more weeks. Other drivers have been issued warning letters for injuries.

    I had a guy ask me yesterday how UPS is to work for. I told him I could sum it up with one story. “A driver was bit by a dog and UPS……….”

    I’ll keep you guys updated.
  14. ja4079

    ja4079 ja4079

    I guess every center is different, I got bit once and center manager came out with another driver, manager and I went to the ER, got my stitches took me back to the center to my car, I went home, end of story. Never saw a bill, paid for the day. They did have to impound the dog for 10 days or so. Home owners said dog did not bite!!! I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that one.
  15. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND


    That is the way it should be handled with every employee regarless of if they are a suckup, bad employee etc. Otherwise UPS leaves themselves wide opend for all sorts of things.

    And you do get paid for the time you spend at the ER. Even if it puts you well over 12 hours paid for that day.

  16. trickpony1

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    ups79-no, I don't drive a yellow mustang but thanks for asking. Gosh, that must mean there is someone else out there with an attitude like mine....imagine that!

    upsdude-2-3 weeks for a warning letter? The company has ten days to take disciplinary action. That means the warning letter has to be signed by you within ten days or it's a moot point. I expect 4-5 people to post telling me I'm wrong but that's the language around here. I would file on a warning letter that takes 2-3 weeks to get to you as being untimely. Or you can not say anything and wait until they try to use it against you and then bring up the untimely issue.

    Tieguy-I knew I could count on you. Because I don't kiss butt, skip meal and get on my truck an hour early must mean I'm trying to screw up the operation. It's amazing. If the success of the company hinges on kissing butt, skipping meal and getting on my truck an hour early then we are all in trouble. While we are's your dividend check doing?
  17. UPSBOI

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    Well said trick..... Since when do operations rely on free labor?
  18. speeddemon

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    Tie, how about growing up a bit? Thanks
  19. JD in MA/CA

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    Seems like it's the manager who deserves the warning letter ... The driver deserves a commendation.
  20. scratch

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    Its totally ridiculous to give a warning letter in case of a dog bite. I've been nipped a few times over the years, and believe me, that friendly acting dog will turn own you in a split second and decide to attack you. You don't knock on a door and plan on being attacked. I won't turn my back on a dog if I know he is there. I hope this driver files a grievance against this, he should be paid for all the time he was in the ER and for anytime he misses work over it.