Double Shifting for the favorites?

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    I load in the evening and for the past 2 months we have had preloaders loading on a regular basis making a killing. Most of whom do not have more seniority than me. Only a select few have been asked to work preload from the evening shift this week. I call BS Why should I work harder along side preloaders double shifting making a killing when I have more seniority and don't have the option to double shift?
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    Your post is a little confusing, but this is what I pulled from it:

    Junior employees are being asked to work doubles on preload from your sort and you're being skipped. That's an open and shut seniority violation; if you can, stick around and let the preload supervisor know you want to work and that less senior guys are being asked. If you're skipped again, include that in the grievance (so they can't complain about being blind sided) and ask to be paid for the hours worked (including OT) by one of the junior guys.

    In the hub, supervisors tend to play favorites for two reasons: 1) there's no central "extra work/doubles list" being maintained by the sort managers (and if there is, finding it will take a miracle) and it's more convenient for supervisors to text/call the employees they are already familiar with and they know want to work or 2) they're blatantly playing favorites with the guys that'll come in load @ 500 pph in the outbound, etc.

    Personally, as a steward, I prefer that the member go ahead and either personally (or ask me to) speak with the supervisor in question and remind them of the seniority order (along with providing the senior member's name/phone number) instead of coming in without being called and bumping someone who made arrangements to work that day. Extra work under my supplement is offered either via an extra work list (I would prefer this, personally) and/or established local practices, which includes supervisors have an "informal" list of people they want to work in seniority order.
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    The way I am reading this is Preloaders with less seniority than the OP are working doubles on his sort and the OP does not have enough seniority to double shift on the Preload.
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    @PT Car Washer yes thats what I am saying. My shift has been severely understaffed the for most of the year. The preload doesnt need any extra but allow one or two to go to preload. While our sort is flooded with preloaders making serious overtime everyday that have less seniority than me.
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    There's not a whole lot you can do about that, then. Management is not obligated to "create" a spot for a junior employee to work a double shift unless they're using supervisors to get the work done (which they probably are.. but good luck getting preloaders to file on anything.) We had a similar situation with that in my hub during the year; the folks on my sort do a much better job at enforcing the contract than the Midnight employees. My area was working 3-4+ Midnight employees multiple times a week (not to mention the doubles in the outbound/inbound) while there were barely any doubles available on the Midnight shift. Them's the breaks.
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    In my building the preload is short of help almost year round. In spite of half the midnight and Preload are Art. 22.3. Only thing the OP to do is switch to Preload when a spot opens up.
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    As Piedmont said there is not much that you can do----the only recourse you may have is if they work more hours than you on your shift. They don't have to create openings on the preload just so that you can double shift.
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    Not create an opening. Just bid in when a spot opens up instead of hiring off the street. May have to wait like 10 minutes for a spot to open up.
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    Grieve it. Easy money.
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    What would be the basis for your grievance?
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    The original poster says that people with less seniority than him are double shifting on his shift. That is completely irrelevant to whether you can double shift on another sort. What is relevant is the seniority of the "select few" who are asked to work preload. If any of them have less seniority than you, then you can address the situation. If they have more seniority than you, then you don't have a case. The staffing needs aren't the same on every shift.
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    UPS management playing favorites (and ignoring the contract) in choosing who gets to perform extra work? SHOCKING!!!

    Grieve it. But expect your business agent to side with the company under past precedent or some other BS.
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    A few funny posts in this thread, but it's my experience that preload is a totally different operation and classification than any sort-related, or otherwise, classification.

    Are you a trained preloader? Perhaps they aren't looking for more slide, sort, unloaders etc.- only "preloaders". There is a difference in the buildings I have worked in; preloaders can't bump into sort work, or hub work, and vice versa. The union should be able to clarify whether or not you are getting screwed, or it's legit.