Drive Those Crappy Trucks Until They Drop!!

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Apr 26, 2008.

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    Have you noticed how crappy the trucks look and run these days? Part of the reason is that they are keeping them forever and not fixing them to save money. At my station, we have a number of rolling wrecks, mostly gas W600's and 700's that should have been retired about 10 years ago. Most of them blow hot air from the heaters constantly, smell of raw fuel, and have many other issues that the mechanics don't want to fix. Don't you just love getting behind the wheel of one of these beauties with it's mis-aligned steering wheel, inadequate mirrors, and the distinct odor of leaking fuel and hot transmission fluid? It's especially great when it's hot out and the heater is stuck on, the ventilating fans don't work, and the windows won't open properly. Safe, and comfortable....truly professional.
    I read here at the BC recently that UPS received a heavy fine for operating vehicles with cracked and/or rusted frames. Would FedEx put you on the road in an unsafe vehicle? You bet they would, and do daily. I have friends who work in smaller stations where they still run Econolines, and they keep them in service even though the mechanics know they have cracked frames because they are directed to ignore the warning signs....shuddering at speed, vibration etc. You'll be told that the wheels are "out of balance" or that the van "needs an alignment" to buy more time before they actually do an adequate inspection and "discover" (OMG!!!) that the frame is cracked. Just another way that FedEx cares about you and your safety!!
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    In a positive light, i guess we will have more to be thankful for when they are forced to replace all these trucks. I still get into some really good trucks here and there but the ones we drive when we run saturday express packages are the worse of the lot! I just hate the trucks that can't get into first well. Either way it's all the same to me after a while.

    Oh yeah and the alignment. Seriously , i have nothing good to say about that hahaha.
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    Wow, we have a great line up of vehicles. All automatics all
    power steering, even have a couple with A/C(all new ones come with A/C)

    Even our oldest is better than 50% of the Package cars I drove at UPS.

    We have a brand new Econoline, 1900 miles on it this weekend when I ran Sat.
    Its just a shuttle/ backup for our rural driver who normally runs a sprinter.
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    We actually have one small rural station that has mostly newer Sprinters and Econolines, but the urban stations have some real crap. The diesel W700's are OK, but Fred is hanging onto all of those mid 80's vintage gas 600's and 700's until they just won't run anymore, and they are a pain to work out of. Minor stuff that drives you nuts like loose mirrors and non-operational vents etc., just don't get fixed. Plus, the wash schedule has been cut-back, so every time you rub up against the truck you get dirty. The downward spiral continues.

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    FedEx employees don't have much to complain about compared to UPS. When's the last time a FedEx driver had to drive a truck with no power steering or a manual transmission. More than half the trucks at our station now have air conditioning. (In Northern WI) I'd say that's a step forward.
  6. IWorkAsDirected

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    A UPS package car with air? And in Wisconsin? It's 115 degrees here in the summer, we have 3 months of over 100, and we don't have air.
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    In the state where I work I see a steady stream of newer(always clean) UPS package cars leaving their center every day. As far as FedEx vehicles having AC, it's fairly rare, and only in the very warm regions of the US. I don't drive one, but I think all of our Sprinters have AC, regardless of where they are assigned. Probably because it's standard equipment,and not for our comfort. I've never had a vehicle with manual steering...that must be a lot of fun.
  8. SmithBarney

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    All new production FedEx trucks come with A/C cause its cheaper to
    order them that way.. now if the A/C fails in time.. chances are
    they probably will put a short belt on and never fix the A/C

    We have a couple with A/C, and we aren't in "warmer" climates
    We also have one with an additional Heating unit for warming the cab
    and package area, it came from Far north.

    Like I said before our worst Truck is ten times better than most of the UPS trucks I've
  9. MrFedEx

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    Some outlying stations got a few new Econolines and some 4x4 F250's that have air. Does that mean that if they ever produce any more W700's that they will have AC too? I know the RTD's are always complaining that the mechanics won't fix the AC in the tractors when it goes out.
  10. SmithBarney

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    We have a new W700 with Air, keyless entry etc.. so yes new W700's have A/C