Driver fired after OJS ride

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  1. Utility driver with poor performance numbers is ridden, then fired after numbers got worse with sup on car.

    Offense 1: not working as instructed by failing to take break at time instructed by sup.

    Offence 2: little hazy on this one, but supposedly he started pkg car and sup was standing on the rear bumper. Car didn't move though. Charged with threatening the sup.

    Will keep posted.
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    Just curious. Wondering how you found out what these offenses were when normally a few drivers I've seen fired are escorted out of the building and off property without having discussions with others. At least in our center that is the way it worked.
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    I could have some fun with that one.

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    Was it Jaba the Hut or what? JEEZ:surprised:

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    I always know what and why drivers are fired. I dont think its unsual.

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    So far it sounds like UPS has no case. He should be back to work. I dont think I have enough info though.