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    Now that Christmas is over, and my route has expanded, I had 4 DFU from cover drivers that did various parts of my route. They varied in costs, from $24 to a $3000.00 heart monitor. I have checked with the drivers that have delivered these items, and 1 of them seems like he is not too concerned with it (YES, the $3000.00 one). I did go out of my way the first day to complete them, but no luck. Just wondering how everyone else handles them. Obviously I attempt the 3 times. I'm just glad they are not mine as I wouldn't want to foot the bill for them.
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    I hate DFs, but I do them. I think most drivers do not make an attempt on them. I think they should be put in EDD with GPS info on them. A few years back, we used to have doorhangers that explained what we were trying to do. It would have the Center phone number on it and the customer could just sign it so we could pick it up the next day. I hate going by a place for three days and trying to write info on a Infonotice. Most of these people think I am trying to deliver something. I think the small claims should be handled on the phone. Where I am at, the few times I actually make contact with the consignee, they will say that they had just talked to an OMS the night before. It seems to me UPS has to have the signature to stop paying a claim.
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    bad dr on that 3000 heart monitor!!!! yah I'd be shipping my pants ovah that one Mainer!! what town do you del to!!
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    Many drivers refuse to handle DFs because they are so worried about bonus and don't realize that you can input them in the DIAD and get credit for them. But then again....these guys, who just happen to be the same ones that cause the follow ups in the first place, don't seem to have time to take their lunches so why should the rest of us think that they will actually take the time to do a driver follow up? LOL!
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    I hate DFU's as well, but they are part of the job that we get PAID to do so therefore I do them.
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    Was that heart monitor sig required?

    I've seen some claims come in for $1k that were never listed as high value and no signature required on them. Our system should automatically force a required signature above a certain value of insurance, silly that they don't do it.
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    DFUs with a value less than $25 are usually handled by the OMS clerk. Our dispatch sup used to have the OMS clerk put the DFUs in to EDD, which made it so much easier, but they stopped doing if for some reason. I have one waiting for me for Friday. It was in my slot today and I know the lady got it so that won't be a big deal.
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    How did the driver know it was a 3000 dollar heart monitor? It should have been controlled and it would have never been DR.
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    Only pkgs $5K and over are controlled.
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    Here's a little tip for DFU's, before you go up to the door, look at the follow up and remember when it was delivered, where it was left, and ask if the package was damaged in any way. Do not have the follow up visible. Until...

    An honest person will generally say, the package was not damaged. So with that, ask them to sign the driver follow up so the shipper will receive a proof of delivery.

    Unfortunately, there are some people out there who receive gifts for the holidays, and can't find the time to pick up the phone to say "thank you". So before most people pay their credit card bills, they would like to know if the gift was received.

    Now think about poor grandma, who sends gifts all over the country and is unable to get a text message, rather than the Happy Holidays Grandma - we love you - phone call
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    And to Chan's thoughts I will add this..................

    A sup that we used to have suggested implying to the customer (on a neg. followup for a DFU) the following: "Ok, since you have not recieved this pkg I will turn this back over to my sup who will be contacting the local authorities and reporting the theft." He even went so far as to show up after the DFU (esp. if the driver was certain of the pkg being left) and would imply that he was from LP and talk w/ the customer. He was usually successful in getting a positive followup. LOL
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    The last 5 years pkgs $1000 or more are controlled that are shipped out of the nw. Ben Bridge jewelers ships everything at $1000 so they will be controled.
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    Sorry Upstate, anything over 1000 is controlled. Here anything over 5000 has to be handed directly to our sup. I had a resi p/u the other day that was 4700 but since the customer told me it was jewelry I handed it directly to my sup to get the extra special treatment.
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    And didn't it used to be that high values were isolated in the load? I handed one to a supervisor who said that they are now thrown in with the rest of the packages so as to not attract interest of the unloader on the other end.

    Is it really this bad that we can't trust our own people?
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    In unload, if we saw a blue bag (the high values), it went down the irreg slide for a sup to come pick it up.

    I had a $3500 tuba shipped to me through ups. When I saw the driver, I got out there, helped him unload it, and held out my hand to sign the board. He said it wasn't req.
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    Unfortunately true
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    Here the $1K-$4,999 HVs are just loaded as a regular package but a note is left for the driver that it is in his load and not to DR and usually a DIAD message is also sent. $5K and higher are bagged in a heavy mill plastic bag and sealed with a numbered seal. then placed in the PC by a sup and a sheet that we have to sign. A sig is req on everything above $999 regardless of what the diad says.
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    Then my driver didn't cover his ass when he DRd my package.