driver laid off, working P/T, what pay rate?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Box_Junkie, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. Box_Junkie

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    Hi, I'm a laid-off driver with 1 year seniority, so this is my first slow-period dealing with this. I am however displacing 1 part-timer to make some hours. My question is: What pay rate are they supposed to be paying me? My driver rate of $15.75? Or an inside F/T rate? Or my old pre-load rate of $14.57? Right now my checks say $15.75, but there is a mysterious adjustment at the top for ~$25-$39 depending on the hours I work!!:mad: It just doesn't seem right to be paid $14.57, when if I was still P/T I would have gotton the contract raise in Aug. making it $15.67. Sorry for so much confusion, just trying to get all the info out there. When I read the contract, it stated that I would get the prevailing rate for work performed or according to article 41, sec. 3, whichever is higher. I don't have my book on me to quote it, but its something along those lines. The article 41 sec. 3 or whatever is the F/T inside pay scale BTW.
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    i use to get paid the rate that i was at before i went inside
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    File for unemployment, I'm not lazy. Let's see work splits and less money per hour than driving; or draw an unemployment check for more than you can make working a split......not a hard choice to make. Check with your local unemployment office to see what your draw per week is. UPS does what is best for them you have to do what is best for you. Management doesn't like it when we file but several of us are in our center do.
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    laid-off ???? where are you from? we have to use drivers from another center just to get the day by.
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    Unless your area language is diffent than most you should be paid unskilled part-time rate. They can (if they want to) produce a table showing what anyone would earn back to your earliest seniority date with all contractual raises included.

    Easiest way might be finding a part-timer with your earliest seniority date and asking what they make.
  6. pkgman

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    He is being offered work (35-40 hours depending on his area). Plus most area make you work back to back sorts. Sometimes with hardly enough time to take lunch between them.

    OP are you in a center with only a preload/twilight sorts?
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    This used to happen to me as well, if you are not qualified(although it sounds
    like you are) they can adjust to the p/t wage. once you Qualify you are
    supposed to get your regular wage. I went directly to my Ctr Mgr and they took
    care of it.. either by adding hours to my week, or by a direct correction. They
    never could explain it, they tried to find out, but its something payroll does.
  8. Box_Junkie

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    My center only has a preload and a reload. I am drawing under employment not unemployment. I am qualified for $362/week thats the most my state pays. I am able to work part time and get reduced benefits. I was double shifting, but decided that I only wanted to work 1 shift after a month of that BS, so now I get about 20 hours. This is how it works.
    If my gross pay is say, $300 the state will take half, which is $150 and subtract it from $362. They send me the check for the remaining $212, so that week I'd get a net pay of say $250+212=$462. If I make over $362 they use this formula $362x1.5=$543, so lets say I make $400, they do this $543-$400=$143. So that week I get $400+$143=$543. Complicated, but I make just as much or more doing this than working both shifts and getting no sleep. My small center only has about 34 drivers and right now only 29-30 routes are in. If I would have filled full unemployment I'd only get $362/week and no hours to go toward my retirement.
  9. wonderboy

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    Article 3 Sections 6...

    If a laid-off full-time employee elects to take a layoff rather than exercise his/her right to displace a part-time employee, he/she shall be considered a laid off employee for lack of work for the purpose of unemployment compensation.
  10. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    The last time we had a layoff the guys who went inside were paid the rate from there original date of hire to the present as a PT.I belive it was around $20.
  11. fred

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    I am still in progression and if I work local would be making $9.50 per hour on max. 20 hours per week. Preload doesn't work for me since I have to get kids off to school. The gross $$ is $190 now take out taxes and expense to commute to work. Or draw $389 from unemployment and wait till things pick up. As a driver I am at $16.80 right now. It is tough being at the bottom we just have to hold on till we move up in senority.