Driver Seniority vs. Hub Seniority?

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  1. ltdan_13

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    I have been working at UPS for 3 years now and pick-off. After peak season, two full time drivers returned to our belt to because there is nothing for them to do at the moment. Several times, I have been bumped by one driver, because he was worked longer at UPS than I have. My old full time and part time supervisors said he can not bump me, because he has no Hub seniority any more. Now we have a new part time and full time supervisor running our belt and they say the opposite. Can anyone clear this up? Thank you.
  2. TheKid

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    Full-timers 'out rank' part-timers when they are bumped inside
  3. Mugarolla

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    Not in the Central. A laid off full time employee can bump 1 or 2 part timers if, and only if, he has more Company seniority.
  4. ltdan_13

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    I work at the Reno, Nevada hub if that changes anything.
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    Look at your buildings seniority list. If the full timers who bump you have a seniority(hire) date before your then I would say they can bump you. Please remember these drivers were also part timers in your building. If they were off the street hires and you have more building seniority, then it's what your supplement says regarding layoffs.
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    In my supplement (Southern) a laid off full-time package driver could bump you if they have more building seniority than you.