Drivers getting signatures in the 90's.

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    Hi all,

    Working on a residency matter. What did FedEx drivers input in the 'Supertracker' in the 90's if they just left a package or received a indirect signature? Did they just default to the intended recipient's name. Is there any situation that defaults to the intended recipients matter. Looking for what really happened instead of perhaps policy if not one and the same.


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    Still working this case, huh?

    6 pages on the last thread, don't think you're gonna get too far this time either. Just the same bunch of monkeys, here, in the FedEx forums.
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    And to you friend our answers are the same.
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    Nothing new to add here except this; If your whole case hinges on whether or not a fedex driver followed policy and procedure, I would suggest your client find another lawyer.
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    We explained this ad nauseum earlier. Give it up.
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    in the 90s we did not have the blanket resi release program. We had to get signatures unless they had a release number on file and we put that in the power pad
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    Corrected.....there were no PP in the 90's.
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    Kinda miss the ol' Dads unit where you could look at pups and send messages from the center console.
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    sorry trackers
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    After 8 or 9 years of working the bugs out, they weren't so bad. That's when we went to power pads and started all over. UGH!