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    When I got an appointment for an interview I had to go to the ups employment building. 2 days later I got a call from ups telling me when a tour of the facility will take place (next week) and when I start working (the week after). She told me where to go for the day I start working (building 4) but she didn't tell me where I would need to go for the tour. I'm guessing I just go to the facility but I'm not sure which one that is. The biggest ups building in the area?
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    Every location is going to be different, but if the facility you're applying for has a guard shack or some kind of security outside it'd be best to show up a little early and ask them when the tour group people usually meet. At my hub I went to the customer counter and went to the door next to it for my interview with HR but for the tour I went to the other end of the building where the normal employees enter and met up with the supervisor doing the tour there.