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    i work as a sorter in the chicagoland area (15 years). this year was by far the easiest/slowest, least volume year since i've been there..summer and the rest of the year was way harder/more flow. the rest of the year we are getting buried with flow and hurried out the door in 3 1/2 hours or less. this peak we had an earlier start time and the work was more evenly distributed throughout the night, work was done in 4 hours or less. we had 2 extra workers in my area for peak. on one hand the work was easier, on the other hand time dragged more than usual and we didnt get overtime or double sorts like in past years. u just cant win at ups lol either they bury u w work and only give u a few hours (part time) or or they bury u with work and give you too many hours (full time) or now, they give u an extra half hour, time drags like no other, bored out of ur mind w very little volume and no christmas bonus/turkey/holiday card/pizza/holiday party.. hell even a "thank you have a happy holiday" would have been nice lol oh well bah humbug i had a great christmas thanks to my family and friends. thanks ups for another year of employment :)

    happy holidays fellow upsers!

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    The same down here in Texas ibleedbrown...We the part timers are the majority,and get crapped on with the hours
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    I almost wish peak was year round. As the OP stated, with the seasonal employees work is more evenly distributed throughout the building. My trucks are obviously heavier, but the extra workload isn't too noticeable considering we're working an extra 1-2 hours longer. It can be mid-summer and I'll get crushed in 3 1/2 hours. Blah

    I'd much rather work 7 hours (OT after 5 of course) and do slightly more volume. If peak was year round I'd only need one job.:happy-very:
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    your part timers .... nobody cares what you think
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    pretty slow down here in 3311 as well. this is the first year for as long as ive been working where we havent started before 1:30...one year we started at 11:30 sunday night.

    i guess now that we had more unload doors and of course more employees the flow was much more easier, despite the 2-3 late air cans or trailers from orlando.
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    Didn't your mother teach you...aw forget it...with a name like hellfire,you obviously just don't listen.
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    no one cares about full timers either, all i ever hear from %90 percent of you guys are complaints! lol
    when was the last time ups cared about what you guys had to say? lunch breaks? 9.5? constant harassment? split routes etc etc good times!
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    Works both ways ibleedbrown...as a full timer I could give a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: what they say...good times x2
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    It looked pretty busy from where I was sitting. Especially on Sat. when I was sitting at home because I ran out of hours.
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    Our peak wasn't too bad!! I always had the energy to work fast. I usually did 800-1000 an hour as a loader. They actually took advantage of me and put me to load somewhere with lots of packages on the floor and jammed up, they made me clean it up. They didn't care at all..I am glad I am going to transfer to the pre-load shift which I will be an unloader. We usually did 6 hours during peak. Two hours overtime,yeah!
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    exactly my point, we r all in the same boat :)
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    2 hours overtime at 6 hours? u get overtime after 4 hours? nice!