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    The whole idea behind non-mgmnt employees being able to buy stock in the company was to give them an incentive to care about the strength of the company now and in the future. So we keep buying every week for years and the price stays flat. We invest in the company and in return it gives us nothing(except a 10% discount taxed at top rates). The mgmnt person recieves the stock for free. If we have a good year he recieves even more stock for free. His pile keeps growing. He works hard getting us to do more. He gets more. We keep having to do more with less, he gets more. Mike, grow this stock!! Better yet, take it private again.
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    I allocate more into my 401k because I refuse to buy dead stock. It may bite me in the ass someday, but I honestly couldn't stomach watching the stock hover for years on end.
  3. hoser

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    One thing you have to remember that buying stock is a high risk investment.

    But that risk is mitigated when investing in a stable company like UPS. But, like with all investments, don't put all your eggs in one basket.
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    A how about 401K plan.... So, you pay in to the plan, let's say 10$ a month, they keep it, let's say for 10 years, play with it, and then in the end will give you them back, may be with a little or no return, and then you will pay tax on a additional 1200$ to your income. Oh, I am sorry, this is the Teamsters 401K plan!
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    My problem with the stock plan is that my stock is being held hostage. Let me explain.

    When the "you have to buy and hold for two years" rule was announced, I stopped buying stock two months before the deadline.

    I wanted to sell some a while back. I went to the website but it refused to allow me to sell.

    I called in- and was told that I owned restricted shares under the two year hold. I laughed at the person on the phone and had them pull my purchase history.

    I was correct, I DID stop buying before the restriction went into place-but somehow UPS "gave" me .35 CENTS of stock TWO MONTHS AFTER (four months later) and THAT holds my stock for TWO YEARS!
    What a crock!
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    did you think the co. would really give you anything back on your stock? come on now this is ups. all they do is take and then take somemore.
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    Iamoverit2, the 401K might be your only chance at a pension. Take advantage of it. I don't think 10$ a month will quite cover retirement though.
  8. sendagain

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    At ten dollars a month, make a map of all the best dumpsters in town: especially those near restaurant row.
  9. What are you complaining about? You can buy the stock at a 10% discount. Yeah, you have to hold it for two years, but after the two years you can still sell it and realize the 10% gain (or maybe an 8% gain by then). You can't worry about the market making 20% over the same two years - it's more important to be a good partner than to keep up with the Joneses.
  10. Raw

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    a 10% discount in UPS stock at the purchase is an awesome deal if you ask me. Being smarter on your personal spending habits is a great start.
  11. satellitedriver

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    Spending habits, I agree with.
    Awesome deal? Not even close. The return on the stock even with a 10% discount is negative over time. Try learning to look at the technicals of a company before you buy. Many people buy stock on emotion, rarely does it work. There are far better stocks to buy for future growth and yield, but it takes due diligence to research them. Example: UPS stock has been flat to negative yield for the last 5 years. My entire portfolio is up 20% for this year.
    Over time, UPS dividend yield has not even matched inflation. I know I seem negative. You seem to be someone who wishes to save and invest and I admire that. Just please do some homework before you invest. PAX
  12. satellitedriver

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    They gave you stock? Did you enroll in the DRIP (dividend reinvestment program)? I would contest this. The dividend was .38 cents per share on the statement I got today. That could only mean you owned only 1 share and I doubt that is the case.
    The 2 year holding really blew the point of being able to buy discounted shares for the average UPS employee. Greedy(smart) people got in the way and bought the max amount of stock and sold them at the end of the quarter to gain the 10% discount 4 times a year. PAX
  13. Raw

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    OK Warren, how many millions are you worth? You didn`t have to do anything but be in just about anything last year to make 20 %. The year before ( 2005 ) I was only in Russell 2000 (4.5 % for the year) and the SP500(4 % for the year)in my 401K and somehow I know enough about investng ( market timing) to have made 17% ! So do not talk down to me about investing. And what am I worth...? :tongue_sm :lol:
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  14. satellitedriver

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    All my references were to UPS discount stock not being an awesome deal. Great that you doing well with your investments, but buying UPS stock is not IMO the wisest position to take. I am only half way to my first million.
  15. over9five

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    Wow...... I thought I was doing good....

    (half way to my first thousand......)
  16. local804

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    IMO The time to make money with the UPS stock has long passed. It never has met expectations but possibly can have some very long term hopes. I go to work everyday and continue to wonder how UPS even makes money. When the preolad supervisor instucts the high volume sorter not to shut off the high volume belt even though the last trailer is backed up to the moon and the weight is smashing, crushing and destroying all of the packages trying to get in the truck. The UPS supervisor is more worried about his numbers going down than UPS paying thousands of dollars in claims. It is one example of penny wise dollar foolish moves at UPS that makes you wonder.If your looking to make money in stocks, go elsewhere!
  17. hoser

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    I don't get this. UPS employees know they are the best paid at $28/hr, and many brag about making $70k/year. Yet, all that they have to look forward to in retirement is dumpster diving.

    Something's missing. My guess is personal responsibility.
  18. yeah a couple drivers at our hub took home over 80k the past two years....thats really good money. Granted it was really hard work too I'm sure. However, I think dumpster living might be a bit of a hyperbole :wink:

    unless you were referring to the way that most workers' pension is being handled :lol:
  19. hoser

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    What I'm saying is that there is no reason why people should be fearing for their retirement when they're making $80k. It's irresponsible to sit around for 30 years while making that coin saying "oh crap! my pension is going to suck! it's gonna suck! it's so horrible" and do NOTHING about it but whine. that's the point i am making.
  20. hoser

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    perhaps it was an IT thing more than UPS systematically trying to screw one of their employees who believed enough in the company buy their stock.