Enough is enough

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Starting wage is a waste of time.
Im sorry but most parcel employees dont even know whats happened at freight. We are alone. Vote yes. And move on, back to workon 12th.
We do know. You voted down your contract. They made a couple of BS changes. Now the contract will get steamrolled through because of fear. You guys should try package.


Got the T-Shirt
Tyler Binder spills the beans on Hoffa and opens up about his plans to meet up with TDU.

There is a nice pic of Tyler Bimbo, standing at the bar with Fred Z.... discussing strategy.

The other picture, is of a whopping 50-60 people attending the event.

And, the 6.5 minute diatribe by Fred Z who's main focus is the UPS contracts.

Nice job Fred.... :censored2:ting on all the other Teamsters.


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You are just butt hurt. You and your emoji charms! Lol!

Stuff it.

wide load

Starting wage is a waste of time.
Funny how union politics change your stance on contracts.
Just as many if not more concessions last contract and you fought to get it passed.
@Wideload is a freeloader that follows the little Boston bully midget
If you want to compare your health benifits to a change to a RTW 22.4 be my guest. I only voted for the last contract for you to lose. I feel bad for everyone else. Just not you.
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