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Discussion in 'Introductions and Welcomes' started by Ewave, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Ewave

    Ewave Ex-Driver

    Decided to see what was going on here and came across the sad story of the driver being killed in the headon collision in Central Texas area.

    So looking forward to some interesting conversations.

    BTW I was fired about a year after the strike since the managers hated my butt for making money on Fed Ex options and not needing any money for a while. It was a nasty strike in Dallas and I remember it like it was just last week though it's been over 10 years now.
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    I remember you from the old UPS Stock board over at Motley Fool. Glad to see you around and kicking and doing well, OK, etc. or at least I hope you are. Have thought of and your name has come up once in a blue moon here along with a chuckle about your days back in the late 90's driving em' crazy at Motley Fool. Never a lack of drama and comedy.

    Best wishes and good seeing (reading) you again. When I saw your alias I just broke out laughing thinking about the old days.

    Take care and best wishes to you and all.