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  1. feederdriver06

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    Three nights ago while going through my usual toll plazas that I go through the screen read LOW BALANCE as I went through. I told dispatch about it that morning and every morning since then. I was the first one to say anything about it but now other drivers are coming up LOW BALANCE too. Anyone else out there using company EZpass having the same issue? Corporate cheapskates better pay the damn bill or there will be problems getting loads to destinations on time most def.
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    I know some drivers who had been using "EZ pass" until 3 or 4 of them were weighed and, sure enough, were overweight. The authorities then said, "that's it ......no more "EZ Pass".

    I think the company likes the "EZ Pass" systems because it is easier to slip overweight loads past the authorities.

    ........so much for honesty, integrity and safety.
  3. raceanoncr

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    Don't know about the EZpass system but could be typical of how UPS operates and this is not a jab, just what I observe.

    UPS used to have a good repoire with many, if not all, vendors up and down the highways. The last ten or more years, we as drivers have seen many, again, if not most, of them demand cash or valid credit cards from the company for tires, repair work, road calls. Why?

    Well, many have said the company just won't pay. If they do, it takes 6 or more months to get their $. Many of these road shops are a one-person operation and can't function like that, waiting for their money. I have been refused road service from more than one vendor for this reason.

    Could it be that UPS just isn't paying the EZpass? Or not paying on time? Dunno.

    Now, when I get an overweight ticket, I make a copy of it for my own, turn it in and ask every week if it's been paid. Once/if it is, I then ask for a copy of the payment receipt. We've had some drivers pulled in the scales and arrested for non-payment of overweights, which is the companys responsibility. By the way, if you get arrested, you're on the clock the whole time. Sweet, huh? But, be careful, because some states will ding you on your license even tho it's not a moving violation. I know a UPS Freight driver that had to fight to get THAT off.

    Again, this is not badmouthing the company, but my impression is that they STILL think they're so big and are the only game in town that everyone has to wait for THEM to act or get paid, at THEIR own time frame.
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    This reminds of me of when UPS took cash for cod's. Millions of dollars collected stitting in their bank account, potentialy earning interest, while the customer waits to get paid.
  5. trouble maker

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    I like the one that says " please call e-z pass". I just keep going. The camera will show the plate # and if you're" single sally", or pulling a "set".
  6. over9five

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    EZpass is the one that gets you thru tolls, Freepass is the one that gets you past weigh stations, correct? EZpass has nothing to do with weight, right?

    I don't think any of our Chema tractors have Freepass. I've yet to see an open weigh station in Mass. Actually, I've yet to have had to stop at a weigh station....
  7. raceanoncr

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    Yeah, I was merely commenting on the companys unwillingnesss to pay ANY bill on time.

    We've had Ipass, Kpass, EZpass, etc for different states tolls. Now we got PrePass for weighs and also another one that I ain't heard of for stations. I think it's called NorthPass. Same thing, different company. Probably more too.
  8. Covemastah

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    OVAH,,,I got pulled over in Ct on I 84 west at the big coop,they looked everything over & told me to scram,,also went through Kittery Me. several times in am comming back from WelMe & PorMe never a ticket,but your right EZ pass is only for the tolls .I also was told once that Yellow light meant your to fast thru that toll.but I dont believe iit since every one behind me is :censored2: I go to slow!! Ask Johnney N. about his trip down I 84 when he told trooper "I didn't stop in the coop cuz when i always go bye ,its closed!!! lol lol lol [hint hint ] He was on our famous BanMe trip at peak with us...
  9. Just Numbers

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    Not to be disrespectful but, don't you get your paycheck on time?
  10. pickup

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    Good catch, over9five. But I think you meant PrePass. If your company has a good safety rating with DOT, I think you go over the first set of scales on the highway(less accurate) near the weigh station and if your weight is below the criterion , you get to keep flying past the weigh station. If your company has a crappy safety rating(lots of overweights, broken spring leaves) then prepass no longer gives you a "free pass" even if the transponder is still in the truck.

    I can see the confusion between E-Z pass and PrePass as the logos are somewhat similar with a similar purple color and they both require transponders

    Here's a link to PrePass : http://www.prepass.com/services/prepass/Pages/WhatIsPrepass.aspx

    Where I am at, we don't have any prepass transponders in the trucks.
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    I've been having this issue for years, although more so lately in terms of getting the low balance warning. I never had a problem with no funds and even if I did, the tolls I go through let you go through anyway and they snap a picture of your plate and send the bill to ups. The Criterion for a low pass balance warning might be slightly higher for the criterion that causes the Ez-Pass corporation to automatically replenish the account via the linked credit card that UPS uses. It might be possible that UPS lowered the amount that goes into the account when it replenishes and hence you might be more likely to see the low balance warning as there is less money in the account when it tops out.
  12. pickup

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    I didn't read your post before I typed mine. But you said it a lot better than I did.
  13. cachsux

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    Weigh station? I thought it was called the feeder locker room.
  14. raceanoncr

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    Well, to be quite frank, NO! At least until the company went elec and direct deposit. I had all kinds of trouble getting paid on time, correct amount (still do).

    Kinda why the Teamsters and the COMPANY had to put in Art 17-Paid for Time, which compensates for company errors and check lateness.

    Besides, you'll notice my post #7 that states the company's UNWILLINGNESS to pay any bill on time. Do you think they WILLINGLY pay me? HA! I'm surprised there ain't a rubber band attached to that check every week.
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  15. rocket man

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    They told us just go through. they willpay the ticket.
  16. Paid-over-in-Maine

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    Cove, I stopped at that weigh station in Kittery when they were doing thier 72 hours of inspection... the Newbie that was behind me blew by! Statey asked why I stopped and he didn't, and advised if he wanted to go after him it would be a $611.00 fine!! I passed the word and he stops now! Thats one bill UPS wouldn't pay!!
  17. JimJimmyJames

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    The only weigh station that would be open more than any other one I have encountered was the station that is located in southern CT on northbound 95.

    But it was also closed enough that I have almost missed pulling in a few times :surprised:!

    As for the EZPass, I have only had the problem that a few tractors I have driven seemed to not like certain lanes; I would get the "No Tag Read" message. But then it would read just fine in another EZPass lane. Weird.

    In any event, I could care less if it reads or not cause I am not paying the bill :wink2:.
  18. JonFrum

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    And if you get arrested for a violation, there's ThisTooShallPass.
  19. feederdriver06

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    My LOW BALANCE issue turned into NO BALANCE Saturday morning coming thru the toll at the VNB . I started bringing cash since the low balance issue started. Cost 60 bucks to get thru. It was either that or they were gonna send me back over the bridge(ridiculous) for no paying the fare. I have a life outside of UPS and I just want to keep my schedule and git-er-dun and go home. Some drivers won't be so kind. I'll get reimbursed on Monday Night but if the account isn't replenished some time on Monday it will cost over 100 bucks to get over the 2 bridges that I have to cross. Now all of out tractors are coming up LOW BALANCE. :knockedout:
  20. tieguy

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    I don't know what kind of EZ Pass you're using down there but here the EZ Pass can not be used for bypassing weigh stations.

    Does anyone really know how much weight they're pulling? Does the company really have any idea how much their loading into the trailer. Your last point is just plain idiotic.