Fart Bombs

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    So, like...I'm a little frustrated with the loaders on my belt. I'm a pick off, and I bust my butt every night dealing with missorts from the sort isle, just the typical life as a pick off. Now, I'm going on 5 years with the company, and I've been picking off in total for probably a good 3 of those years, and I know what my job description is and what it isn't. Now, these loaders SUCK, the bottom belt is constantly jamming while I pick off down the chutes, and they almost never come out of the trailer to break jams. They know it's the time we get flow, and they are not getting any, so hey, maybe that means I have a jam? I mean, that is the common sense of it. Lately they feel it's MY JOB to stop the belt, climb down and break their jam, meanwhile the sort isle is still going, putting flow on my belt, so usually what happens is, the belt starts back up, and now I am caked with stuff dumping all on my belt at once usually causing a jam on my belt back where it's just all belts forcing me to stop the belt, walk the belt, break it, walk back....could of been avoided if the loaders were doing their job and breaking the jam. Sometimes, they even purposely ignore the jam, knowing I will eventually come do it because my chutes are full, and I have no where to put flow... Now, I don't mind coming down maybe from time to time to help break a jam, but its not my responsibility to do so.I can't stand them..... when I am getting heavy flow, and you know I'm up there moving like a rocket, at least have some common respect for me, and break the jam. But, I don't mean to get going, none of the big boys here really have time for a part-timers story and bs, but who else can I vent to? I've mentioned it to the main supervisor, not the main manager dude on our shift, but the guy who practically runs the building, he knows about it, still happens....so...it's just whatever.

    Anyway, let's see how cool it is for them to be in the front of a trailer, here in FL, during peak... hot, and sweaty, thirsty, maybe a little mad because they are in a hot trailer with boxes everywhere, all on the sides, let's add a nice foul, stinky, smelly, gross smellin' fart bomb under the rollers....pop.......keep loading guys

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    Sadly this is our future.
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    where's your sup? ours is the resident jambreaker. it works out nicely, although he can't be everywhere at once. he should also be getting help from other belts if you guys are buried and anyone has extra manpower
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    i simply refuse to read a lengthy post that begins: So, like
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    I tried to turn it into paragraphs for you though.
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    My farts don't stink.
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    the So, like tells me i won't be intrigued............
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    It amazes me how stressed out people get over what the other hourlies are doing. You more than anyone dictate how easy or difficult your job is. Relax, take a breath, turn the belt off, and take as much time as as you need to safely break jams or work through belt-wide flow. Also, call out when there's a jam. While you're standing there fuming over how they should know its jammed, you could have just let them know. It's easier for you to call out than it is for them to climb up and look. And remember, you get paid by the hour. The more your belt is off, the more you get paid. Also, the more your belt is off, the more help you will get in the long run. Worry about what's in your control and let management stress over your fellow workers and belt stops.
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    When I was pick off and had jams, I would call out the jam for the trailer and turn off the belt if needed until someone broke the jam. Stay vigilant and let them do their job.
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    that would get you an instant termination and escort out the door in my building
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    What the hell is a fart bomb anyway ?????????
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    Some kind of IED, I guess.
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    Ok what's a IED??
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    Improvised Explosive Device......used against us in Iraq, Afghanistan. I think we called a "fart bomb" a stink bomb. Not too pleasant and could cause a trailer to be evacuated.
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    is he talking about a stink bomb or his terrible gas??
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    I drop one in my package car occasionally. My helper pops out of his seat much quicker.
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    I do call it out, they ignore it..they aren't too good.
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    Disappointing, I expected a much better thread with the title Fart bombs. A good story of how he cleared the AM meeting after a night of drinking Falstaff beer, and dining on deviled eggs, and chili. Entertain us
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    No it won't, i've MIA'd to NY for 2 weeks once, came back , still had my job.