FedEx Hiring Trolls Equals Desperation

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. MrFedEx

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    This latest FedEx management tactic is really starting to piss me off. At this point, it seems fairly obvious that Fred is hiring people to blitz sites like the BC with a storm of lies. So far, it hasn't worked very well, but FedEx4Life and his ilk are just like the moronic plants who post pro-FedEx comments on and other sites. It's not a coincidence that all of these idiots suddenly appeared just as the RLA controversy heated-up. I'm guessing they send letters to politicians too, and get a few bucks from Herr Smith.

    It's too bad FedEx does such a crappy job of choosing them. It's not very challenging to ferret them out and then expose them as fakes. One would think that managers or sales staff would be pressured into doing this, but the current batch of trolls are so pathetic that they must actually be non-employees supplied with a FedEx Stooge Handbook in order to appear "credible". Maybe some of them can't read the book.

    I guess Fred must really be worried if he has to start hiring transients and out-of-work telephone salespeople to do his bidding. As usual, being a cheapskate pays big "dividends" FedEx4Life and his fellow troll refuse. All "Einsteins"...each and every one.

    This really shows just how low and dirty Fred Smith will go to get his way on the RLA. He smells so bad right now that the flies won't land on him anymore. Keep it up Fred, because every knife you stab us with is memorized. You'll get yours when we sign those cards and make you open up that big fat wallet instead of your mouth.
  2. FedEX 4 Life

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    No one is listening to you,no one cares.You are starting to sound mental.
  3. Ricochet1a

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    See, when debating someone, one has to refute their opponent's points, not call them "mental". When one results to calling into question the "mental" state of another, they've lost the debate. You would've been better off not even responding at all.

    I don't think FedEx is paying you to be a shill, but I do think you have some twisted reason for posting your inaccurate representations of Express. FXATW does it solely to irritate MrFedEx, she doesn't even put in the effort to actually write anything of substance, she just copy and pastes most of the time.

    You on the other hand have grossly misrepresented yourself time and time again. Who you actually are and what reasons you have for posting are beyond me. Your grammar and complete lack of information regarding the ACTUAL working of Express for hourly employees give you away as an independent shill not being compensated by FedEx; if you were being compensated by FedEx, they would be getting the short end of the stick so to say.

    Whether you just like stirring up a hornets' nest or have a daddy that is salaried with FedEx and thinking you are doing a good thing for daddy's company matters not to me and the other actual Express hourly employees at this site. If you get your kicks stirring up a hornets' nest, go ahead and have fun, this is all anonymous. If daddy thinks you are doing a good job defending his company, it may be time to grow up.

    UPS GRAYS Member

    FedEX 4 Life seems to me you are unreliable, uncredible and sinking fast just like the Fedex company you work for.
  5. Monkey Butt

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    You misinterpreted his use of mental ... he meant cerebral.
    It was actually a compliment! :wink2:
  6. FedEX 4 Life

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    Think about what he is saying though.There are two possibilities here.
    1.The people posting about likeing thier job at fedex are actually paid by Fedex to post.

    2.The people posting about likeing thier job at Fedex actually like thier job at Fedex.

    Just because someone likes thier job,you guys think its some kind of conspiracy.Is it it possible you guys are wrong and some Fedex people dont want a union?Some Fedex people like thier job?Hows that UPS stock doing?
  7. FedEx courier

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    I guess the people he/she is referring to don't even want to have a choice of whether to vote yes or no for a Union. This is what the entire RLA issue is about, not whether Unions are good are bad. Fedex and people like "Fedex 4 life" are spreading the misconception that the government is forcing Fedex to Unionize. It's been said over and over again, if Fedex is doing everything right by their employees their employees wouldn't vote a Union in then so why would they be fighting this so hard? If Fedex is so great then they should just let this change in classification happen and test the waters. And I know it's hard but why pay "Fedex 4 life" any attention. This person is not accurate at all and just seems to post here to antagonize people not adding anything to discussions.:peaceful:
  8. Red Dawn

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    well said, let the workers have a vote
  9. MrFedEx

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    I'm still waiting for you to post the PM's you claimed I sent you. You can't, because there aren't any. Just another lie in a long string of them, which began on your very first post.

    I'm asking again why you post on other sites with the same essential message and a completely different style of grammar and spelling? Another question that you won't address because it will expose you a fake.

    Yes, it's entirely possible that FedEx is paying people to muddy the waters and divide both employees and the public. The overall climate at most FedEx locations I encounter is one of seething rage. It isn't usually out in the open because everyone knows there will be retaliation for speaking out. When FedEx4Life and the other trolls say otherwise it not only discredits them, but gives credence to the theory that Smith is attempting to divide and conquer within the ranks of FedEx.

    After the troll (s) post here, they go elsewhere and spread the falsehood that FedEx employees don't want a union. That serves Fred's purposes on the public side, both with politicians who don't know better and the general public, who know little to nothing about the package business OR Fred's long history of buying influence with his money.
  10. FedEx courier

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    It's funny how "Fedex 4 life" has been exposed as a fake so many times and he or she never answers how they aren't a fake. I gues they can't!:smart:
  11. FedEX 4 Life

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    Why would i have to? And i dont remeber anyone asking me anything.
  12. Overpaid Union Thug

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    This whole issue is a no brainer but some just refuse to use said brain to figure it out. Believe it or not we (UPS) don't have that much to worry about if FedEx keeps their special treatment law. All we have to do is keep providing the superior service and once this recession is over the people that have been willing to sacrifice service to save a nickel and dime will come crawling back. We will get allot of business back from RPS too. Boy will they be hurting.
  13. FedEX 4 Life

    FedEX 4 Life New Member

    Finally someone is making some sense.
  14. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    But don't think for a second that I believe that FedEx should keep their exemption. Know that.
  15. Big arrow up............You are definetly on the money.Years ago we were told the usual propaganda that we[Fedex Express] charge more because we provide a superior service.Now we charge more for inferior service.Herr Frederick Von Scruemall is trying to destroy the Express division.Every day they try to collapse routes and expand our areas 50 to 100 percent,forcing us the Express couriers to give our customers terrible service including packages not being delivered by commitment times.The Fedex customers are also annoyed that they have to call 3 times for 3 different pick ups,1 for Express then 1 call for Ground then a 3rd call for a Fedex Home pick up.Then they hope that the Ground and Home packages get picked up.
  16. FedEx courier

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    He's right because Fedex has abandoned service for profit. That's why UPS is blowing Fedex away, and it's not because the couriers don't care about good service, it's because they aren't given the time to serve their customers. Fedex has abandoned it's PSP philosophy for a Philosophy we call "Pee" at my station. That means they decided to urinate on everything else except profit.

    And you don't have to prove anything, but if your going to try and disquise yourself as an employee then you should at least do some research for your role. I know Fedex has been cutting back, but it looks like they're paying you minimum wage and not briefing you on anything? You need some QDM buddy or how about some TLA before you start posting on sites like this!:greedy::happy-very::funny::smart:
  17. MrFedEx

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    Haven't you heard about RENEWAL? That's Fred's new plan to make it all better....more time with the customer, differentiation between the different operating divisions and an all new focus on service. I'm wondering how they plan to pull this off when PEE is still in place? Good luck with this new initiative Oh Great Evil One.

    Perhaps this is kind of like being a "born-again" FedEx employee, where we all come to Fred instead of Jesus. All hail the Church of the Almighty Smith!

    Maybe FedEx4Life can find himself in Fred, turn his life around, and immerse himself in the Service Guide until he can quote it chapter and verse. As he grows in the word of Fred he can bring others to Purple by witnessing and spreading the joyous gospel of the Purple Promise. He needs a QDM intervention combined with a TLA about PSP and OSS. Think he even knows what any of them mean?
  18. FedEX 4 Life

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    I think you are obsessed with
  19. FedEx courier

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    :funny:You are cracking me up Mr. Fedex! I read the mailout from Fred and it cracked me up too! Calling something the Purple Promise cracks me up even more! Do they know how funny that sounds????????:happy-very:
  20. FedEX 4 Life

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    Yeah lol