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    I just got hired on to FedEx Ground as a package handler will be doing my orientation This Tuesday. I have read that FedEx will be getting rid of the pension for new hires starting in January 2020 and just be doing the 401k thing basically. My question is since I have been hired on before January 2020 am I eligible for a pension in the benefit package once I hit my 1000 hours in the company? I am just asking as It would be the next year then once I would hit the 1000 hours , so I might not be able to get the Pension more than likely with the benefit package? Just the standard health, 401k, and the other things?

    Something I am curious about. It sucks they are stopping the pension. I know UPS has one and the USPS. But I know FedEx is a good company to work for from what I have read and good benefits as well. I was looking for a job with a Pension and I knew FedEx had one but just found out this news a couple weeks back.

    I can't say I am not surprised about this as more and more companies are stopping the pensions and going in the route with 401k.
  2. Purplepackage

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    For starters, the pension in the terms you are thinking was ended years ago. They switched to a 401k/portable pension which is also now ending.

    Honestly I’m not sure I’d ground employees were ever eligible for the portable pension
  3. Cactus

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    They never were.
  4. seanxke

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    ok thanks guys. I guess I will just get the traditional package then 401 k, health insurance etc. Oh well was hoping I could get some kind of pension starting at Fedex.
  5. Cactus

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    Traditional package? health insurance?...... at Ground?

    Well, good luck with that.
  6. seanxke

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    I just meant what you typically get working for FedEx ground package handler position after the 1000 hours. Cactus
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    I think ground package handlers are actual FedEx employees, are they not?

    As for good benefits, pension, etc. Our benefits, "pension" are far inferior of that of our competitors. I don't know where you read that they're good but, sorry to inform you, that is wrong. That being said, if you're coming from a job with 0 bennies or pension, then it's a good move, I guess.

    Don't get married to working for FedEx. It's easy to get hooked on their purple promise mantra. This is a job, not a career. Don't stop looking for something else that is better.
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    At least some of them are third party staffing agency employees. They do have some type of benefit plan.
  9. seanxke

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    I applied on fedex website so I would be a fedex employee not through a temp agency or anything.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The inside workers are FedEx employees while the drivers are employees of their contractors.
  11. Serf

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    The Portable Pension was better than nothing, but it's gone now. That was going to be my gravy money in the Philippines.
  12. McFeely

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    It's still there if you were hired before Jan 2020. For now, you'll have the choice to continue with the portable pension as-is, or skip the PP and take the 8% 401k match.
  13. Purplepackage

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    They aren’t taking it away from you..yet. I would just stick with it until they make you switch
  14. Route 66

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    Which - using history as a guide - should happen in about roughly 20 minutes or so.
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  15. Unfortunately ground gets nothing
  16. MassWineGuy

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    They’re even ending 401(k)’s for Express? That’ll be a big draw for anyone seeking work.
  17. seanxke

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    do we get a 401k being a fedex ground package handler?
  18. McFeely

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  19. MrFedEx

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    You get NOTHING!! No soup for you.
  20. Purplepackage

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    No the 401k is going to be the only option now if hired after January 1 2020