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Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by Ferrari Driver, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Ferrari Driver

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    What is the Fedex Termination Policy? Do you get warnings or just terminated?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    What'd you do?
  3. Ferrari Driver

    Ferrari Driver New Member

    Nothing. I just want to know what their policy is. I'm working for a contractor for Fedex.
  4. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.


    Depends on the offense. What kind are we talking about?
  5. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    A ground contractor will have to help you with that.
  6. dmac1

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    The contractor can terminate you whenever he wants to, for any reason, or no reason at all. Fedex can also forbid the contractor from letting you drive if you ever fail to meet the standards- like a drunk driving conviction, driving more the 15 mph over the speed limit, etc, etc, etc.

    If you are terminated for no reason, you can collect unemployment benefits from the state. Even if you miss one day, that alone should not disqualify you from benefits. Even if you are just not quite able to do the job, and you get fired, you should be able to get benefits.
  7. Ferrari Driver

    Ferrari Driver New Member

    Any warnings or just immediate termination?
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Who wants to bet that the OP did something stupid and is trying to figure out just how stupid it was?
  9. STFXG

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    There's no warning necessary. If you break the safe driving standards you will be dq'd. Then your contractor can either keep you as a runner (if you are only dq'd from driving) or they will fire you.
  10. Route 66

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    and you drive a Ferrari? it hard to operate the push pedals?
  11. bacha29

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    If ground say " get rid of this guy", the contractor has no choice but to comply or he's gone as well DMAC is correct when he says that there is no formal termination policy. Even if the contractor believes that termination is not warranted he has no power to intercede. As for UC benefits the rules vary from state to state. If the terminated employee files for UC , it's up to the contractor to approve or reject the application for benefits. If he does oppose the application then the legal merry go round begins to turn.
  12. It will be fine

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    Your contractor should have an employee handbook outlining their policies. He should also make you aware of Fedex policies in regards to driver qualifications and what offenses carry what punishments. My policy is any offense that carries more than a 3 month suspension by Fedex is termination from my company. If you ask him he'll probably give you a copy of the section of the agreement that lists what will get you DQd.
  13. Cactus

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    Only FedEx would have people actually believing that they run their "own business." LMAO.
  14. TheJackal

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    Ferrari Driver-Just say what you, or 'someone' you know, did and you might get a straight answer.
  15. dmac1

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    Immediate. You have no constitutional right to that job.
  16. SmithBarney

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    Are you in a Right to work state, no warning needed, or explanation.

    Well with a name like ferrari driver, speeding in company truck?
    Here are the penalties:
    Doing the Speed limit: FIRED for being too slow
    5 Over: Almost a competent Ground Driver
    10 Over: Getting better
    10 Over while smoking a cigarette, holding a map, and texting: Employee of the year and you'll soon be CEO
  17. McFeely

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    I was just about to mention this. Except I thought it was "at will employment"?
  18. SmithBarney

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    FedEx just uses "at will" terminology in Right to work(ie Right to Fire) states... pretty much the same thing.
    But remember our "handbook" says "at will" but it also says this book is "not a contract of employment" or something like that.
  19. McFeely

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    Was definitely agreeing with you regarding their right to fire you. Hell, most any company can fire you without just cause as long as you cannot prove discrimination...
  20. MrFedEx

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    You can be terminated for anything at any time.