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  1. here in so. fla. theres talk of working 12/25 so the sort will start for that week !!!!! i know fri. is normal pickup and delivery. but 12/24 has always been a normal layoff for feeders and start over for pickups on the 12/26. i told the sup. they better plan on paying premiun pay for this holiday!!! he said this is just like any three day holiday weekend!!! this is happening to sunday to thursday shifts. any buddy else around the country being told this story ????? seems to me we are losing out on a day off!!!
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    What is your normal start time? Are they stating you need to start early in the morning on XMas day or late in the evening on XMas day.
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  3. 18:00 monday 12/25
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    That sounds about right for this line of business. Your schedule is Sunday - Thursday. Your 'holiday' would be Sunday. The sort will be back up and running early Tuesday morning. Anyone at a hub on a midnight shift want to chime in on what their next day of work after Christmas?
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    Yes, feeders is working 12/25 if your job is Sun-Thur. Mon is just like your Sun this week EXCEPT your pay is double plus regular holiday pay. Check the contract. Any work on a UPS holiday (Christmas) is double. Kiss the wife, tuck the kids in, kick the cat out and take the $ and run!!!
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    Addendum to my previous post. If you're a pickup driver, you probably ain't workin. If you got a run somewhere long, then you probably ARE workin. Or if you're into "Let's make a deal", then you probably worked out a deal where you work straight time on Fri or Sat. Some here did that and cried when steward put a stop to it. Geez!
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    thats my point. who would you be picking up on christmas day?
  8. its night sort start, for the beginning of the week for the preload , all pkgs. that were pickup friday, and loads coming in off the train for preload. i understand the jax hub is working christmas eve day for outbound tuesday morning preloads.
  9. 1700-12/25 start for me, flip flop the festivities, plenty of trips to the hog yard.
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    I think it's reasonable for feeders to work Christmas evening. You're in the transportation industry, demand for transportation is at it's peak (but begining it's descention) on christmas night. Remember that you're not the only one who has to work xmas evening. You have all of xmas eve and xmas morning and day to spend time doing your xmas thing. I'm sure that your family can understand your work comittments.
  11. you know,after reading your reply , i thought you were thinking like management , then i see your going into management on another discussion , wait till your working over 10 years with this company and you have family, then how will you think!!!!! i've been with this company long enough and have been dealing with changes long enough to still be here, i will be going to work and get holiday pay but will you do when you get changes in your plans in the future and the ups tells you showup or packup!!!!! enjoy management and cancelled your short term engagements , you will busy!!!!!!!
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    Are Christmas AND the day after NOT UPS holidays???
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    Christmas is a Holiday this year. Not the day after. I believe that was the case last year because Christmas was on a Sunday.
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    I work hub night sort sun-thurs.
    We work Xmas nite.
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    all i said was that it's reasonable of UPS to expect you to work xmas night, especially considering what operation you work in. this reply, with respect to 'changes in your plans' is a completely different matter.
  16. Hoser,

    You are a little True Believer. Your posts show a child's excitement, without an adults contemplation.

    I've met guys like you; no devil's drink, no sex before marriage, big brother looks out for us, especially when cloaked in a UPS manager's suit.

    You are going to have a big fall and when you shake it all off, you'll probably come back to this board with a balanced sense of life and reason.
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    :ohmy: :ohmy:
  18. ain't that the true, thanks balancedsense
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    oh man you're hilarious :lol::lol::lol:. you read something that's balanced and not full of angst, and all of a sudden i'm this naieve idealist who lives a sheltered existence in a gated community.

    anyways, this brings up a good point, it's highly unreasonable of me to say that it's an acceptable compromise to work feeders on christmas evening. so unreasonable, you can just attack my e-character rather than the merits of the argument.

    if you think you have it bad, go into a factory job where you make half the money, even less empowerment, and ex-convicts for co-workers. or for that matter, just go on vacation to a third world country. then come back and have your pay cut or your job outsourced. then you'll really realise how good you have it. in the mean time, i'll live my "child's excitement" (what i call 'pride' pride 'work ethic') "without an adults contemplation" (opinions that disagree with your angst).
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    Again the question what pickups would you be making christmas day.

    As to other points many operations will be working christmas eve if that is a normal work day. and many will be restarting christmas evening.