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  1. Brownslave688

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    Not sure what FedEx calls them but in talking CDL big rig drivers here.

    My friends mother in law supposedly has a connection at FedEx. I'm assuming this is express. She told him they make over 6 figures.

    I'm lookin for some info into what the compensation package is actually like. His current job pays 50-55k a year. Works 4-10 hour days. Home by 4 everyday. Healthcare that's close or maybe even a little better than ups for free and. Pension to boot.

    I'm telling him he's nuts for thinking about doing it but all he sees are $$$$$. Do they really make that much or is that the guys with 25+ years in only.
  2. MrFedEx

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    There is no FedEx RTD (Feeder Driver) making 6-figures. They are in the same pay grade as dispatchers, and make a few bucks an hour more than couriers. However, the forever top-out times also apply to them, so a FedEx RTD could potentially be making only $18-$19 per hour until they hit top rate (never). You also have to figure market levels into pay at FedEx. An RTD in LAX or NYC makes substantially more than one in a smaller market. None of them come even close to UPS Feeder pay. All part of the scam. And these two jobs are basically identical. I've been a Feeder driver (seasonal) at UPS and also a FedEx RTD. If anything, the UPS gig is easier because you never touch freight.
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    RTD do indeed make six figures. Accept the job at all costs. You won't regret it. No sarcasm here.
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    You being sarcastic right? I don't know even any topped out 25 year rtd that make that much. You can see they make a little more than swings and dispatch, that's it.
  5. Operational needs

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    I was an RTD as recently as two years ago in one of the highest market levels. Here they top out at $27 and change and they are lucky if they work 40 hours.

    Oh yeah, the benefits suck too.
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  6. cachsux

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    I knew a guy that was FedEx "feeder" and his complaints matched the ones you see on BC by their delivery drivers.
  7. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Ok thanks for the answers. I suspect the mother in law just wants her daughter and grand kids to move closer.

    My guess was it was a lot like the driver set up. Take forever to top out with a pretty poor benefit package.
  8. STFXG

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    Linehaul contractors can clear 6 figures.

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  9. prodriver

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    I've talked to few in yard over the years and they same thing, clearing over 6 figures maybe white line will give some input.
  10. White Line

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    Sure, I will use a single truck operator/contractor that runs a solo 500 mile a day in doubles configuration linerun 5 days a week as a example, current doubles rate is $1.69 per mile, he/she will get 9$ for set assembly at domicile and 9$ for set disassembly at destination, so when its all said and done the contractor will make $863 for the run that day, now for a five day work week the run will gross $4315 for the week and figuring about 50 weeks of work for the year (taking holidays, cut runs, and random days off into consideration) the contractors yearly gross potential could be $215750 for the year, of course fuel, maintenance, tires, plates, insurance, corporate quarterly taxes ect ect and what the contractor decides to pay them self will determine his or her net for the year.
  11. MrFedEx

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    Gross. Trucking is very expensive. I'll repeat myself. No FedEx Express RTD is making 6 figures, and the average net for an O/O you describe is less than 6 figures.
  12. Route 66

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    That's for sure....in fact not only is that figure not getting any closer, it has actually receded further away for the past few years now.

    It definitely does sound like someone was either confused or spinning a yarn.
  13. Mr. 7

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    I asked my PM RTD driver how much he made and I almost fell over when he told me it was just barely more than I make. And, he's in the highest market level where I'm in a middle market level.

    Just to clarify, he probably makes around $50k a yr.
  14. MrFedEx

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    Lke Mr.7 says, the average FedEx RTD is around 50k...I agree. Most of the ones I know are lucky to get 40 hours and the vast majority are PT with slim hopes of ever getting FT. A prime workgroup that should consider leaving, because a CDL-A is worth more than what FedEx is paying.
  15. fedex_rtd

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    I am a full time RTD that has been with the company for 15 years. I work in a market level H location. I make 25.50 an hour, top pay is 28.86. HOWEVER that is a dollar figure that you will never see, FedEx has been very good about manipulating the pay and keeping the midrange guys down, while the PR machine spits out max/top of range figures.

    Back when we had reviews I never had a review of less than 6.5 out of 7, and I did a spread sheet that proved my suspicion that even if I had gotten the highest reviews possible I would only be making a little more than I am now, and would STILL be a good ways from being toped out. Right now I am at %71 of top pay, perhaps if I stick around for another 10 years I "might" see it.

    I gross 52k a year, that does not go very far in a market level H environment.
  16. STFXG

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    25.50/28.86=0.883 hope you feel better knowing you're actually at 88% of top pay.

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  17. Artee

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    Most likely also has a payment on the tractor to consider. That was good money 20 years ago. When my buddy had his own tractor he was making closer to $260k and that was 10 years ago when he was getting out. He said if he couldn't do at least 800 miles a day he would have to be feeling pretty sick. He would normally try and put in between 1000 - 1200 miles a day. Heck one time I talked to him he was running non-stop between South Dakota and San Francisco. The new E-logs and HOS are really going to put a hurt on making any kind of decent money in the trucking industry. So if you are only running 500 miles a day and getting weekends (or 2 days off a week) I guess that's ok for a local run. You aren't getting rich that's for sure, but its a job.
  18. White Line

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    Yes MFE I read you loud and clear, RTD drivers don't make 6 figures a year, the OP however was not specific about the opco and stated that they were assuming it was Express, so for all we know the mother in law could be talking about Ground and not Express perhaps that's why STFXG brought up the subject of linehaul contractors making 6 figures, I don't know I am just providing input on the subject, yes trucking is expensive, I am well aware of the expenses because I live it everyday, however there is absolutely no reason why a O/O couldn't net 6 figures on the run I described, while we have no control over how much the trailers weigh, the aero dynamics of the trailers, or even the rolling resistance of the tires on the trailers and con gears (all contributing factors in affecting MPG) we do have control over what piece of equipment we choose to do the job with, yeah sure if a O/O decides to go out and buy a $130,000 flat top Pete 379 or a KW W900 which may achieve 4 mpg on a good day but looks real good going down the road then yeah I can guarantee that O/O will be on the fast track to a 5 figure net, but it doesn't have to be that way, fuel is our biggest expense and factors such as truck body style, fairing package, tire brand and type ( determines higher or lower rolling resistance), single drive vs twin screw, the engine cat,cummins,detroit, pre egr, egr, or full blown emission engine, wheel base of truck, weight of truck, the gap between the back of the cab and front of trailer, the transmission type, the rear end ratio, knowing the engines sweet spot (cruising speed and rpm for optimal fuel efficiency), shifting habits, and many other factors can determine lower or higher MPGs and can make the difference between a 5 figure net and 6 figure net, just depends on how much effort and determination the O/O want's to put into it.
  19. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    I assumed express because I asked if he had to buy his own truck and everything else. He said nope. Just like ups drive from a to b they unload you then drive back.

    Like I said I have no idea about how FedEx works. That's why I came to ask you all. Thanks a lot for all the info. I thought it sounded too good to be true and sounds like it was.
  20. White Line

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    Oh I think everyone would agree that you are not getting rich making low 6 figures, especially with the cost of living these days, in fact isn't the low 6 figures essentially the new middle class these days.