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    I love how dumb UPS can be. Today our centers area was hit by pretty severe flooding. They decided to send out 12 of the 50 or so trips in our center out even though much of the valley was under evac orders at 2pm. I was in affected area so I banged in. Most drivers were not able to make any deliveries. I guess I shouldn't be surprised but I was rather :censored2: when my sup gave me a hard time about not coming in. Tomorrow they may do the same even though travel bans exist
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    Do " travel bans " mean that the roads are closed? Is there a state of emergency?
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    sorry to hear your hub managers suck

    at least when hurricane irene came up the northeastern states, some of the shore routes were closed off due to the mandatory evac...

    but i went out on a saturday to finish off my cover route that day irene was passing through my state...
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    Where you from TBS? I'm originally from Montoursville outside of Williamsport and was told that a couple bridges were taken out going into Montoursville. Pretty much sucks since there aren't a whole lot of ways into Montoursville as it is. We got hit pretty good in Harrisburg but I haven't heard of any bridges taken out. Had a good bit of flooding here near my house outside of Hershey/Hummelstown area but nothing a couple million dollars of insurance money won't cover.
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    The iron bridge on Broad St is OK, but needs to be inspected. The railroad bridge just south of it is damaged beyond repair. Half of the Slabtown bridge (new in 1972) at Loyalsockville is in the creek. Rt. 87 is closed pretty much indefinitely north of Montoursville. I'll look for some pictures for you later.

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    Would you expect anything less from this company?...back in 2004 our center monkey decided it was ok to send out 140 routes in a Tropical storm...If I can remember we had about a 80% send agains...three package cars stuck in flood water and a driver injured by a tree limb...
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    I saw the pics of Slabtown. We used to swim in the Sock when I was a kid when we would go back up to visit friends. Good times. I saw a couple videos on YouTube from this week but nothing was definitive.
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    Without a mandated driving ban in place, what would you like them to do? "Oh, it's raining and windy, we're not going to work today. We'll pay you for the day. Please call us when you get home so we know you got there safely."

    Whenever we are sent out in inclement weather, we are always told to make good decisions, to use EC responsibly and not to put ourselves in harms way.
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    Well last Thursday I called in bc all the bridges between my house and center. Thankfully they closed on Friday when the entire valley had to evacuate. Not yet sure what tomorrow will offer.