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    been here 20 and have just about seen it all. But one thing I just cannot understand is, why as a very large group in the package inds that we let them treat us like crap. I have said it for years every time i get with sup is that the only reason you wen't to sup is you could not make it as a driver. I will not say it to anyone who has worked as a driver and who does understand what it is like but sorry to say I have in 20 only seen 2. Just what is it going to take because I don't like what I see.
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    ummm.......ok..... good luck with that...........................
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    huh.......I think somebody had 1 to many before they started posting.....
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    It's called 'pui' posting under influence.

    Some boards have lots of pui on Friday and Saturday nights.

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    There was no reference back to foot down. Maybe the title of the thread should be Lost in Space. Makes more sense.
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    what are you talking about?
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    Now why would a cat...?

    I don't even want to know!
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    Crazygill, I'm with ya
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    Crazygill, I know what you mean. It seems to be getting worse at our center - folks who have always done a good job are suddenly being pushed to do more.

    You're doing the best you can, tell them that. Twenty years and you know the game so take a deep breath, use the union if necessary and keep doing the same good job.
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    I got ya, brownmonster. Some people are just sober at the wrong times.:happy2:
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    LMFAO! When Rocket calls you out for be incomprehensible, you need to go to treatment.
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    Atabl, you are too, too funny! Bunny with a pancake on his head, lol.
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    Over any reason you are re-opening 3 year old posts? Are we not giving you enough moderator work? I could start a fight with tie or bloodybrown if you are bored!
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    Ha! Nice catch, Red. C'mon, I got 16 replies out of it before you busted me!
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    I will keep you busy so you dont have to waste all your free time, maybe ill start a war with upstate, what you say upstate?
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    Sure--what's the topic?