Former Kingston UPS Driver Tells All

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    Former Kingston UPS Driver Tells All - Kingston Observer

    UPS driver Dave Cole got to know a lot of people during his eight years of picking up and delivering packages.
  2. Jumperwire

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    The B.A did nothing wrong that's his right to bump anywhere if he has the seniority...Suck it up
  3. trickpony1

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    If it was as simple as that I would agree but the story and my past experience and observances suggest otherwise.

    You read the same story I did.........
  4. grayfox

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    takes brains to deliver "back to front"
  5. grayfox

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    Probably takes brains to deliver"back to front" Why does every body in todays society blame the other guy????????
  6. trickpony1

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    "....blame the other guy?".

    Responsibility confers control.
    Show me where you, I or anyone else has full and complete control.
  7. brown guy

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    wow its **** like this that make us fight against each other .. and mangamnet likes that... think about ride a long ime employee test his strength push him to limits once he gone that one less union member ???? think about guys ..and as far as bumping you cant i dont belive unless its a bid route and the ruts up for bid??????
  8. dragracer66

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    Dude....Are you friggin kidding me????
  9. RedShift

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    "get rid of older guys with larger pensions" ??? Last I heard the Union managed the pension. Since you are in the union, you are the union. Me, I would find a way to beat them at their own game.
  10. fedupwith251

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    yes the ba did he didnt wait for bids fair is fair.if he is being harrased for not moving there is a problem ups always makes deals dont be so niave
  11. fedupwith251

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    actually its not easy when the load is reversed that creates problems for the driver.
  12. edal

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    who wrote this? 5 year old? omg
  13. Channahon

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    Makes me wonder why a union BA left the position after 16 years?
    Is it Union downsizing?
    Saw the same situation occur in my last district and the BA had the worst attitude about going back to package. Shooting his mouth off before he even drove one day. The sad thing was as a BA he was fair to both the employee and UPS.

    Do the BA's have to come back to UPS or do they have the right to go to any other company within their local.