Fortune Changer for Obama?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. wkmac

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    If this amps up over the next year, it's a possible game changer on many levels.
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    Recently we discussed the U.S. and you seemed to be on the side of disappearing opportunities and that America's best years were behind her.
    I had stated to you that it was just history repeating itself like the end of the U.S. rhetoric during the Carter years. This new post seems to suggest a much brighter future. Game changer ?
  3. wkmac

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    Sure, it can be a game changer. If people believe fortunes are turning it will effect how they feel and act. Now I may believe these are short term fixes and that in time, decades maybe, we'll face more problems even worse because we've wall papered over the root causes. Using history on economic modeling, the Federal Reserve came into being to prevent booms and busts and yet first we had the great depression, then Bretton Woods in the post war global economy, then in 71' Nixon ended Bretton Woods and we were given the global reserve fiat currency of the petro dollar, the 90's gave us globalization of trade and labor and now we face a global collapse of fiat currencies and central bank systems. See a trend of about 20 to 30 years between crisis points and each crisis invokes a larger impact? At some point, there will be no more rabbits in the hats for the societal technocrats to pull out and as Mencken once said, "Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats." Sad we parents don't have the balls to man up now so our kids and grandkids avoid the throat slitting part of Mencken's truism.

    On a short term basis, things could become better so to speak (accepting the articles outcome as true) and if that happens, fortunes for Obama "could" change, thus the reason I used a "?" and made it a question. Time will have to supply the answer whether it's true and in time for Obama to benefit.

    I still believe there are serious root problems deep down within our societal structure (technically and morally, yes I said morally) and even regardless of a turn for the better that will qwell the masses for now, I'm not convinced longterm our societal model is sustainable especially on economic grounds. I still stand by my cynicism toward that model but if people are given real freedom and liberty, I'm real positive on them as I always have been when they are given the truth, transparency and the the freedom to act on it!

  4. island1fox

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    As usual I may over simplify some statements but many can read the most intricate details. I am still waiting for a "better mousetrap"

    Throughout the History of the world the present system we live under with all of its faults is still a shining example and only a dream for most of this planets inhabitants today !! Even our poorest have flat screen tv's. computers, cars---never mind running hot and cold water.

    Many of the intelligent OWS call for change but have no idea how this change will come and what it will look like or how it will function.
    Seems like an old re-run of some "Billy Jack movies and songs" Mountain people sharing their gifts with the Valley people-the song tells us how that worked out.:happy-very:

    But ---very big but--with all those words of wisdom the basic mousetrap can always be made to function better.
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    You know, even in the most socialized countries on earth,they don't have it as good.
    Because, even Canada has homeless people, with no place to live, no hot and cold water, either.

    God bless the USA !
  6. brett636

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    I guess this means the libertarians, anarchists, communists, and or nazis, whatever third party you support today will have to wait a little longer to take this country over. Although its not like they ever had or ever will have a chance to become a major player in American politics.
  7. klein

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    libertarians, that's damn pretty close towards the Tea-Party. I would think anyways.
    Calling for less government, regulations, and less socialisum.

    Everybody on thier own.

    I am more on the conservative side, but believe a sociality needs a safety net.
    Can't see myself ever voting against National Heathcare, or against government pensions, even welfare is needed at times.
    Can't just let hundreds of homeless people grow into tens of thousands in a city.

    What good would that bring us all ?
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  9. wkmac

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    Maybe there is the difference between you and I and that is I don't believe in a "better mousetrap" because I believe in lots and lots of better mousetraps. I don't believe in a "one size fits all" solution. Let freedom offer as many solutions as there are brains to think them up and then let them enter the marketplace so buyers can pick the winners and losers based on what works best for them.

    Voluntary and self organizing all at the same time with people free to enter and leave at will. When you have a controlled market when the consumer is compelled to chose only among limited choices or even one choice, the odds are you get inferior products that don't work and breakdown under the least amount of load. That's another reason I oppose organized nationstates because they are naturally monopolistic in nature and in failure the nationstate will sacrifice you in order to continue it's own existence and maintain authority and control. It's the reason our nationstate when you add up all it's liabilities saddled onto the backs of the taxpayer, it totals nearly $500k per taxpayer and continues to go up daily. If this were a true free market, we could walk away from such abuse and allow that bad business model to collapse and go out of business by just stop being it's customer.

    If we are free to pursue our own mousetraps or even combine our traps for an even better model to fit our needs, where is the conflict? Where's the need to cheat the other? We both have what we want in a sense. If power and hierarchy thrive off conflict, is it any wonder that the fruits of power and hierarchy ie gov't never solves anything or makes life better because this would negate conflict which is the tool of authoritarianism and dominate rule.

    Utopian you say? No more Utopian than the system you have and think it's capable of making life wonderful! Besides, I accept the risk of making it work knowing it won't always do so but I'm free to adjust the new conditions to make it as workable as it can be as it also is for my fellow human beings around me. Truth and transparency give us a shot. Your system however has solutions at the point of a gun and I'm just forced to adapt to the demands of the gun regardless of it's positive or negative impact on me.