Fred Understates Income By 30.2 Million

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    Check out this link posted by BC member LED...

    According to this article, Fred's actual income last year was just over $32 million dollars, if you include his bonuses, gains on stock etc. That kind of makes the 20% pay cut he took on his $1.39 million salary look like chump change, doesn't it? Yes, Fred made some real sacrifices for the "team".

    I was thinking about Fred today as my manager announced that stops per hour goals were going up along with requiring split shifts whenever said SPH goals were not being met. The other usual goals such as scanning compliance, International AWB auditing etc are also being raised. What's not being raised? The correct answer would be "our pay".

    Once again, more work for less money. If you're a new hire, you don't even get the puny split-shift premium. What a joke.

    How many of those 1,000 people we just laid-off would still have a job if Fred, Matt, Dave and the rest of them didn't have the big pay and bonus plans? I think it would be safe to assume that they also have marvelous stock options, golden parachutes, and other massive perks that rival those of Mr Smith.

    All you have to do is pull aside that little curtain just to the left of the great and powerful Oz to expose a suited smelly rat yanking on the controls.

    Thanks for the link LED.
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    Figured i'd switch to UPS due to fed ex's 1099 outsourcing. 6-May-09 09:53 pm

    But boy was that a costly mistake.
    I love and used fed ex for my business..mostly ground shipping. Then i had to head to Waterloo NY holiday inn for a meeting. The equipment was broken when i arrived so i had the philadelphia office Next day by 10:30am another terminal. The office mrg. didn't have access to my fed ex shipping account, and frankly wasn't computer savy. So i told her to take it to the UPS store down the street. I wanted to swich to UPS anyway ever since Fed Ex outsourced their drivers to 1099 budget rent a trucks.

    Well, guess what..the package never arrived!!
    I had to re schedule my meeting for the next day. UPS said it was still in philadelphia and were sorry i didn't recive it. They told me i'll get it tomorrow = Wednesday.

    Well today came, and no freaking package!!!.
    I look up on line to track it..and it says...on time delivery for today.. LOL yeahhhh OK!!

    So then i called UPS again!! and they said.....well since the last scan was over 24 hours ago, it's officially listed as lost. I hit the freaking ROOF!!!. I cursed up a storm and said..@#$%, it takes you a WHOLE DAY to kno wif somethign going only 300 miles by air is MISSING?!?! It's not like it's going to IRAQ!!

    I will never leave Fed Ex now.

    PS. the UPS driver felt so bad for me. he said. UPS has a 98.5% on time delivery record.

    Well guess i fell into that 1.5%

    I have over 400 customers and will vent to them every time the topic of shipping comes up.

    I'd post the tracking info but it's a bit too personal. If ya don't believe me call the holiday inn in waterloo NY. Ask them if there was an irate guest stuck in their hotel for 2 days waitng for a UPS package.

    Fed Ex all the way. Down with UPS.

    I'm gonna cut and paste this to the fed ex board now.
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    The point of this?

    Do you ever get tired of posting irrelevant [-]information[/-] crap?

    With UPS shipping approx. 14 MILLION packages a day, much higher volume than Fed Ex, statistically there will be more hiccups, therefor more people will have a voice on UPS missing service. Nothing new. It just happens.

    Down with UPS... I think I just giggled. 100 years of UPS and one person thinks he can take it down.


    Though it is his own company that he started from the bottom up which deserves big bucks, you're right. That's a little overkill when he's soiling his pants over unionization.
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    Here it goes - please keep pulling out! After 20 years of my company using FedEx for its overnight delivery service - it will always top UPS. Especially when UPS tracking tells you your overnight package was delivered 10 years ago. Please! 20 years of FedEx service and that has never happened.
    By the way, 1 person can do a hell of alot downing UPS.
    As far as Mr. Smith - he deserves it all - no, I'm not sitting here typing this and drinking the Purple Kool-Aid. He is entitled to do whatever he wants with the company he created. People/employees should not criticize him for employing so many people. So, what he makes alot of money - isn't it his company?

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    Let's see. You take one disgruntled UPS customer and then illogically conclude that FedEx is the superior company. I'm positive that you could do the exact same thing with PO'd FedEx customers, of which there are plenty. Out of millions of pkgs every day, there are bound to be a few that get screwed-up. On the whole, both companies give excellent service. If you had actually ever been a driver you would know there are many ways that the customer can screw-up a delivery or pick-up. It could be anything from having a mean dog to transposing 2 numbers on the address or using an incorrect suite number in a large office building. As usual, you are clueless in this regard. So, what is your point anyway?

    You can defend Smith all day long because it's "his" company, but that doesn't justify misrepresenting his income to employees who are already getting cut back left and right, and have been for many years. He's a greasy little rodent in an expensive suit. I think I'll call Hoffa Pest Control and have him dealt with immediately.
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    Fred Smith deserves it all?

    Then let Fred Smith do all the work. He should get rid of all his employees and deliver the packages himself.

    Fred Smith built his company on the backs of hardworking employees, are they not worthy of full pay and respect?

    You can look up Fred Smith on This line is a direct quote from that site:

    "Smith's sisters also brought suit against their brother for misappropriating their trust fund monies".

    It is common knowledge in Memphis that Fred Smith "misappropriated" (some prefer the word "stole") money from his sisters to start Fedex.

    He showed his true colors early in life.

    So, it should not be a surprise that he would take money from his workers, while stuffing more money into his already full bank account.

    What does Fred Smith really deserve? Maybe jail time - That is what normal people get for stealing.
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    WOW! I'm very proud of you - you have the power with "HOFFA" to do that! I'm very impressed - one thing I don't understand is why haven't you placed a phone call or plan a visit/conference with "HOFFA" to help the auto industry ("CHRYSLER")? People have lost their jobs, their homes, struggling to survive and you have the power to help - Why haven't you done that yet?
    On the other hand, you can call Smith any name in the book - I still believe he can do what he wants with his empire - if people don't like it - they can go and work somewhere else - call me stupid, call me a moron, call me anything you wish -
    With what is happening in the world today I have seen too many talented, loyal individuals go down without a fight. Just be thankful you still have a job!
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    Don't take me wrong - I am not by all means saying that the employees are not the ones working hard - and by that my friend, whatever Smith has done - so many people are employed today? There seems to be no appreciation these days.
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  10. FedEx All the Way!

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    All hail BARACK OBAMA your savior. With all those benefits and dollars from your years with UPS most people would think that you'd be happy.
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    There never was a reference to The President, nor my happiness.

    Anyways... Fred made FedEx, yes. Do you think the people who made the great BRAND that FedEx is (the actual workers), deserve such little pay compared to what the CEO is shoveling in with such a "compromising" pay cut?
  12. FedEx All the Way!

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    No, I agree, they deserve alot more. What I am trying to get across is - it is what it is in this economy -I believe that we must all stop complaining and see if it eventually straightens itself out. Aren't we all still glad to be employed?
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    I don't recall mentioning the President either, and the only people calling him the "Messiah" and the "Savior" are the Right Wing reactionary crazies like Michael Savage and Rush and their mindless followers. your post makes sense.

    Besides using his sisters trust fund money, a drunken Smith also struck and killed a Memphis pedestrian back in the early days of FedEx in the 70's. Because the victim was Black, and because Smith was Smith, he walked away.

    You always credit Smith with being the only reason for the success of FedEx. While he did create the company, it is publicly held, so Fred does have to answer to stockholders. There are many talented and hard-working houlies who are just as responsible for FedEx being a money maker as Smith, yet he craps on them at every opportunity.

    Like LED said, Smith showed has already showed his true colors. I'm waiting for the day all of the political scandals come to light. These would be the ones that can be directly traced to Fred's bank account. Perhaps your exalted Mr Smith would look good in Prison Orange.
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    Another example of why it is great to be a Republican. :laughing:
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    If I hear that just one more damn time...!!!
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    Please! 20 years of FedEx service and that has never happened.
    either you are very naive or stupid........

    ups are here 102 years and counting ,i see these old tracking nos coming up with 2 dates in our invoice system idis,but if you click on the proper date i.e 2009 it gives you the proper info.
    i have hear of brown tongue but never red and white tongue,you seem to be full of it.i seen fedex pull out of europe in 1992 and they aren't doing that great in ireland
    who are you trying to fool....yourself i think and u are doing a good job..
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    Mindless? Since when are people that are smart enough to not believe the mainstream media mindless? Although Savage can be a jerk sometimes I give him credit for calling it like he's sees it. He doesn't hold back. Both him and Rush catch allot of flack but the saying goes...."Those who are catching allot of flack must be on target." When I hear the word "mindless" I can't help put picture millions of people in my mind that voted for Obama. If you asked all of them what his stances are on certain policies (or any) a good portion of them probably couldn't tell you. Those of us on the right that use the words "Messiah" and "Savior" do so because the actions of so many on the left would indicate that they think he is such. We don't use the words because we've actually heard anyone call him that. Actions do speak louder than words though. I don't know what Obama has to do with this discussion but I had to jump in when I read this.
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    FEATW mentioned the Prez, not me. And although I respect your right to disagree with the Obama administration, Rush and Savage are stretching their rhetoric when they call him the Messiah etc. One of Savage's substitute hosts even called him the anti-Christ and one episode (with Savage on the mike) insinuated that Obama was directly controlled by Cuba. Sorry, but that's just insane.

    Disagree with him all you like, but please be rational about it. I don't think Obama is perfect either, but at least criticize him with something other than the typical Right Wing talking points. Rush is a major hypocrite and Savage is just plain nuts.

    The Left excoriated Bush at every opportunity, and usually deservedly so, because he was a terrible President (IMO). But Obama has been on the job for a couple of months, not 8 years. If the economy is still in the crapper 2 years from now, then you've got some big ammo for criticism. What would have McCain done, except to try another version of Reaganomics? That might make Rush and Fox News happy, but I doubt it would be any more (or less) effective than what Obama has done so far. Bush left a very long laundry list of problems, many created by his own actions.
  19. Overpaid Union Thug

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    They aren't stretching any rhetoric. I already said that they are using the terms "Messiah" and "The One" because that is how the left seems to portray him. Not because anyone on the left has actually used those words. The left has been accused of this based on actions. Not words. Savage didn't say that Obama is directly controlled by Cuba. He stated, and still states, that his actions mirror those of Castro, Chavez, etc.. And he doesn't even mean it in a literal way. It's a like when anyone else over exaggerates something to prove a point but like always the left doesn't pick up on that because they don't listen to his shows in their entirety. I do on a frequent basis. He may be rude and crude sometimes but he is definitely not insane.

    Now see that is the problem with the left. When its the left criticizing the right its all well and good but when the right criticizes the left the points are all dismissed as "right wing extremism" or "the usual talking points." I'd say that is a little more hypocritical than Rush could ever be.

    Bush was not the worst President. Not even close. Have you forgotten Jimmy Carter (who Obama mirrors in every way)? And pinning the economy on Bush is ignorant. I guess the first 7.75 years of his presidency (when the economy wasn't bad) doesn't count huh? Only after the liberal media starting crying "RECESSION IS COMING!" leading up to the election did things start to go south. They were calling it a recession after one month of negative growth! They wanted Obama in the white house so bad they couldn't stand it and where willing to bring the economy down to do so. They knew the typical American household didn't know any better. And liberal policies that make it easier for families that cant afford a house to buy one anyway didn't help things any. The funny thing about all this is that Bush should have been a liberal's wet dream in the end. He was pretty close to being the most leftist "conservative" president ever with crap like the stimulus on the table. I didn't like the guy but he was far from being the worst president. Not even close.
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    I only listen to Savage for about 30 mins a day because that's all I can stand. I'm sure his over the top behavior is partly just a ploy to get ratings and to reach-out to the demographic that supports his show. He's obviously intelligent, but he comes across as an angry lunatic most of the time. Savage did accuse Obama of being controlled by Cuba, and even produced a Cuban exile now living in Detroit who claimed to have inside information on the story. Savage appeared to me to be in total agreement with this individual.

    I'm guessing he's shooting for the oldsters who were around for WW2 and Korea, and maybe even participated in those conflicts, and maybe some of the militia types who are deathly afraid that their 20 assault weapons will be taken away sometime soon. He panders to their fear, and then gins-up more by going after illegal aliens, Muslims, and whoever else he can attack. A lot of it is just show, but there are people who believe every word he says because they aren't willing to do any research that might counter his opinions...they just assume his rantings are fact. Isn't that a bit dangerous?