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  1. Fred Z created this mess by telling his local to stay home and vote “No” look it up his local had 15,000 that did not cast a ballot, payback to Hoffa for disenfranchising his membership the last vote , I think Fred knows this paves the way for him to take over this Union. My vote is for Tyler B
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    Did he really? I don't see the logic in that. Staying home is not a no vote, more of a yes.
  3. BigUnionGuy

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    Based on YouTube videos ?

    He has no experience in the "real" world of Teamster issues.

    In his latest video....

    I really thought he was going to announce "I'm going to Disney World".


    But, his Momma approves.

  4. How many votes will H*ffa get at elections? I think this paves the way for Fred, maybe H*ffa no longer cares about being president.
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    Tyler's Mom for IBT President
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    Can Tyler even grow peach fuzz on his chin yet ? Is his pension even vested yet? You can’t win anything sitting at home posting on Facebook and YouTube. My local proved that. Look at #623livesmatter
    They claimed they have 1000 NO VOTES ! Where did they go?
    The battle is not won on Facebook and YouTube. Tyler for package car driver !
    That’s all he’s winning !
  7. I would hand out leaflets for Tyler’s Mom!
  8. Local 89 33years, Fred negotiated a subpar air rider and then he confused the members he wanted a no no yes vote, then changed it to a no no no, then back to a no no yes, sent his stewards in the hip to walk with mangers and pressure young voters to push his agenda. Fred had his own brownout too. He is a terrible leader no better than Hoffa. Fred is about to lose his members because he tried to force this rider on us now everyone wants out and he doesn't care. He will spend every penny and drive our local out of business to push his agenda of national recognition to get back at Hoffa. Check out the members page at HOURLY WORKERS UNITE on FB.
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    I don't know him but in any of the videos I've seen he stated that he's worked a 12 hour day and comes home to take time to make the videos. If you look at how the union and company have made an effort to retort his videos and, how many views he's gotten, it looks like he did a very good job. And, no doubt, has been putting his job on the line. I certainly wouldn't blast him for that. I'd vote for him.
  10. Tyler B*nder is quickly becoming a legend , look how Jamie Fl*mming reached out to him to run his books as his secretary!
  11. Jackburton

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    Funny you guys dog a kid doing a video but he’s probably gotten more people to swing their votes to no than any other Teamster member during this negotiation.
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