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    This video is really good, although really long (1hr. 49 min.), but it has an interesting message about the current political and financial situation our government is in right now. It starts off about how there really isn't a law that states you must pay taxes on your wages, then goes into the illegal creation of the federal reserve and how it is really a private bank looking out to raise its own profits off of the American people and government. I'm finding a lot of the information it poses tough to refute and ask that any of you that can devote the time to this video watch it and see if you can do the same. It all kinda makes sense really considering the way things are going. Not only the american people, but our own government is a slave to banking interests abroad. Maybe we can stop this, maybe we can't, maybe this whole thing is a hoax, but I doubt it. Enjoy!
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    Slow way, way down Brett or anyone else thinking of this course of thought. I'll be the first to agree the fascist nature of our current system but a 90 minute video will only get you to thinking into areas that could lead you to jail. The nature of income taxes and the fractional reserve banking system is way more complex that any one video can show. In order to understand the nature of the income tax and the operation of the IRS, you'll need to understand adminstrative law and how the chain of delegation of authority perculates down from the passage law to the final authority to the personal of the IRS. You'll also need to know how the read and understand the Individual Master File (every taxpayer has one and it's nothing devious but it does have a system of codes you'll need to understand), the Internal Revenue Manual (it's not the IRS Code or the Code of Federal Regulations, learn CFR as it's a valuable tool to trace back the delegation of authority) and you'll need to know how the Freedom of Information Act works and you may even have to go into federal court from time to time with it.

    Lastly, you'll need to know not only how to investigate case law but more important US tax treaty law. You'd be very surprised if you understood this aspect of law and how it has effected our daily lives without us even knowing it. Before anyone gets wound up in this area I would suggest just reading this legal paper prepared by a Huntsville Ala. attorney on the nature of treaty law in relation to federal law. The nature and legal footing of the IRS and income tax is a very complex issue and not one to monkey with or take lightly.


    Be very careful folks, this is not an issue to play around with! There are much more important things to devote one's time and energy on. I would say watch the video if you choose but research in great detail before you move forward with any of this.

    As for the Federal Reserve, contact them and get Modern Money Mechanics right from the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank and if it's still in print, "I Bet You Thought" from the NY Fed. Bank. These 2 publications from the Fed itself are more than enough to wake anyone out of any false notions about banking and economics in Corp. America. What is a dollar and what is a promissary note? As for the Fed. if you look at who the industrial and financial money barons of the day were in the late 1800's and early 1900's and how their empires were supposedly broken apart via anti-trust laws and then just after that, who were the men who brainchilded and moved Congress to pass the Federal Reserve Act, you begin to realize what was beginning to happen. Do you think lobbyist control of Washington DC is a recent anomally? I'll leave it at that.
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    Aaron Russo & Larry Becraft.

    Guess the libertarians eat their own too!:lol:
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    The grammar is poor, but atleast you kept from misspelling a word in that sentence. There is hope for you yet.

    wkmac- I am not advising people not to pay income taxes, as we all know what the IRS is capable of if you don't. I just found it interesting how they can do what they do without the support of an actual law stating so. In the video it states that all of our income taxes we pay don't pay for actual government services, but pays the interest on the money the government has to pay to the Federal reserve just so it can run itself. It makes a good point that those who control the money supply control the country. The laws don't matter because they are the gate keepers to everything, and I personally don't like a corporation having control of such things. I'm sure the video had its own agenda and certain little facts were left out, but some of the stuff regarding how thigns are operating and where they are going are a little bit scary. Movements towards one world governments, tracking all humans with microchips implanted in them. It makes you wonder where we are heading...
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    No problem Brett. Just wanted to make sure you weren't running down a goat trail that in all but a few cases end in a jail cell or all assets seized by the gov't.

    You are correct that the Federal Reserve is a powerful institution with the power to create, restrict, expand and contract the money supply. If the gov't is the institution ie the Federal Reserve Bank exclusively and completely that is in total charge of the money supply, creating his presence and it's use then why as a national gov't are we in such debt? Who are we in debt too? Some would suggest we are indebt to ourselves. OK, on that premise explain to me how this is an ill effect and a concern in the longrun using this example.

    You walk by a vending machine and see a pack of cookies you'd like to have but you reach into your left front pocket and then your right for some change and find nothing. But you remember you have source for a loan so you reach around back into your left rear pocket and remove your wallet. From this wallet you remove a dollar bill (did they mention Fed Note or the term FRN in the video?:lol: ) as a loan to be placed in your front left pocket of which you then use to buy the cookies. OK, let's say the next day you don't have the dollar to repay the debt to the wallet, so what really is the problem here? Are you gonna foreclose on yourself? Interesting question is it not? And no doubt the defenders of the empire whether it be the fascist authoritarians or the bolshevik authoritarians will provide you an endless series of explainations designed to confuse and evade the real question and that is if the gov't has the power to create and print money of which we use, then who do we owe this massive debt too?

    Over simplistic? Oh yeah but it cuts to the chase of reality. Also a personal piece of advice that's really opinion on my part. There's really are no such things as conspiracies and conspiratorial gov't. It's all done out in the open but we're to lazy to go look it all up in the law books or other sources of theirs. It's just much easier to blame it all on the CFR or the Bilderbergers or whatever elite Club of the Month we choose to fancy the blame with.

    Hell, even the so-called neo-con conspiracy to create the Iraq war is as easy as looking at some neo-conservative websites and they are so proud of their work they place it all in open view. Even the neo-con scapegoat Halliburton was neck deep making money in the Balkans via contracts with the Clinton adminstration but to hear some Cheney created it overnight when Bush got elected. How dare I mention the evil Halliburton in the same sentence as God's democrat gift to mankind in Clinton or should I be saying Clinton(s) these days!

    Gov't is dirty from head to toe period and they don't hide it. Gov't is like the illusionist Chris Angel who makes you believe what he wants you too! Now I see Tom Delay has started an organization for republicans to help them regain power in Washington. Gee Tom, had you done your job in the first place you might be facing the need of what you about to do or for that fact be facing a criminal proceding that might see you denied web access to fulfill such a venture. You lied to Americans Tom so accept it and go away!

    More illusions folks. Stay tuned because it will only get better!