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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Theresa McCraw, Aug 29, 2018.

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    While you are squabbling about other issues did anyone else notice that they want to cut the amount of funeral leave that we get. Is two days really enough to bury a spouse or child. We used to have a solid 4 now they are cutting it to two with conditions.
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    Theresa, please change your username to something anonymous.
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    The changes in the language are in bold and underlined.

    An employee shall be allowed one (1) day off to attend the funeral or other bereavement rite of a sister-in-law, spouse’s grandparent or a brother-in-law. Reimbursement for this day shall be the same as provided below.


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    My wife only has one grandparent still alive....think I could get a retro check for the other three?
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    center manager said if I didn't post with a selfie of the deceased I wouldn't get paid.
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    Union send you information about what we want for the new contract, but not especifics. Then they have the last word. WTF? VOTE NO

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    My brother in law is terminal with stage 4 cancer. I’m gonna need more than 1 day to console my boo and deal with it my self as we are very close. But hey.... let’s cry about 22.4
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    I got 4 days paid off for a grandparent that passed away. Its max of 4 currently. Sucks they are lowering it.
  9. SweatPit

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    No. Article 29 section 2. Nothing has changed from the last contract.
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    They are not lowering it.
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    I know. I was going by "FatUnionGuys" post. Researched it myself and it is the same. Won't let me edit my post on here