Well thanks to UPS for giving us this program. Is this double speak. Giving us something we already had, making it harder to get it, then delaying it till 2008. oh and it will be maybe $5.00 more. Thanks. So, no safety bonus this year and not a mention of a raise and it is DEC 15. Well I look for no raise and we will see if the new year brings more talk of trying to get in on Indys contract. Some peoples new benifit packages went up anywhere from a few dollars a week to $20-$30. How is that when all the other divisions have as good or better medical and pay less. Thanks again UPS .
there union were not, there benefits and costs are frozen,

where did you hear the amoount of gainsharing was the same as the safety bonus?

This is not true there is a pool of money, where the pool comes from I don't know (probaly money not spent on accidents or lost time) but the pool does get bigger every month, I know there is over 1 million in the pool right now, that money will be divided up among eligible employees, the less amount of employees eligible the more the rest will get.

Noone can know how much anyone will get until after the year is over feb. 1, is when everything will be released.

Also the cost of insurance varies from state to state.