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    We had a boyfriend/girlfriend running our customer counter, boyfriend got caught stealing COD money, got fired. The girlfriend lived with him, they had kids, but she didn't get fired. A couple of months later, she drove a pkg car 160 miles to pick up air, stopped and picked up her boyfriend to ride with her, said she was scared to ride by herself! She got fired, got her job back. Later, she decides to look for another job, sends out resumes in NDA letters for free! She got fired, got her job back. Later, she gets a chance to go full time, goes out on rte, brings back about 50 stops a night without sheeting , puts them on pallets in clerk area for several nights before management catches her, she got fired, got her job back, still here!

    Another guy started cover driving, was having a really bad day, parked the UPS car, called a cab and went home, twice! He is still driving!

    Any other stories out there of how hard it is to get fired for some people?
  2. Jack4343

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    Wow...all I've got to say. The union is good and we need them for sure but the problem is it protects people like this that don't deserve their jobs back.
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    How interesting that the boyfriend who got fired didn't get his job back..but the girl kept getting hers back..

  4. Jones

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    I wouldn't give the union credit for this one. Obviously she had representation but if the company had decided to take her to panel most the stuff she did would have been a slam-dunk, good luck in your future employment with someone else. She still has her job because the company chose to let her keep it.
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    Bear in mind that we are only hearing one side of the story and one version of the facts.
    If the facts as presented are indeed the truth, then it is the company who is to blame for failing to properly document and present its case, not the union for providing legally required representation.
    The union doesn't "get people off" represents them at a grievance or panel hearing. The panel is composed of equal parts union and management representives. Obviously, if the management representatives felt that termination was unwarrented, then the company must have done a poor job of presenting the facts of the case.
  6. Jack4343

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    I didn't think of that. Y'all are right. It is the responsibility of the company to properly document the case against those people and obviously didn't in those cases.
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    The saddest part of this is that indeed A LOT of drivers get fired for really stupid things because the particular center manager in charge can play god at will.
    They very often have mortgages and kids .Most of the time they are reinstated within a year and the center manager has either been de or pro-moted to some other lucky center.Usually when they come back with back pay,the center manager has been relocated,without,the driver is stuck with him till his abuse is required somewhere else.Our current center manager is a self centered moron and I hope he gets bitten by a black widow spider and dies .
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    You are right, DS about how it can be if a higher up wants your job. A few years ago the district manager fired our shop steward. He accused our driver of swapping pkgs with the fed ex guy and letting the competition in the back of our pkg car. Long story short... when the guy got his back pay he bought a corvette and the vanity license plate said "FIRED".
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    Don't hold back us how you really feel!! :laughing:
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    so, is black widow politically correct?
  11. DS

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    ok I'm not picky,I hope he forgets to look left right left and gets creamed by a dump truck.I dont think politics even enters into this.
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    we just had a guy "taken out of service " for not wearing his seatbelt. center manager saw him in apartment complex driving without it and took him back to center in his car and had on road supe drive package car back. More details after Monday when union rep hears both sides of it and there is a hearing.
  13. hseofpayne

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    I swear on soberups' life that this is the truth, the whole truth, and not even the whole story! Did I mention that before the boyfriend got caught, our center had started closing the customer counter for 3 hours during the day because it wasn't making any money!!! Some people just receive more leniancy for whatever reasons; we always suspected that she had something on somebody, but who knows.
  14. bad company

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    Yep! Good ole middle Georgia. That clerk is very corrupt and I have no idea how she still has her job. Although, I heard that a lot of her protection came from the NAACP, not the union. She's also had issues with fuel cards being used for purchases other than fuel. She is an embarrasement to UPS and I pray she is terminated permanently sooner than later!
  15. tieguy

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    You start off your response by saying we are only hearing one side of the story which implies we are jumping to conclusions. You then make your own assumptions that the company is not documenting properly.

    Someone who is a skillfull liar can make a reasonable defense that she either did not know or if she signed our documentation that she was confused.
    or you get some arbitrator who gives her another chance or decides the punishment does not fit the crime.

    Too many variables for you to make your own assumptions after admonishing us for making assumptions.
  16. hseofpayne

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    Dang Soberups, its seems I wasn't telling the truth afterall; she's worse than I thought!!! You right Bad Company, I have a hard time looking her in the face and every time she speaks to me I check to make sure I still have my wallet!
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    Pot meet kettle, kettle meet pot! Tie, I can't remember how many posts I've seen you come out of the chute saying "we are only hearing one side of the story" and" IF this is the whole story" or "IF this is true".
    In short, you have just slammed Sober for doing the very thing you have done many times.
  18. Overpaid Union Thug

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    The NAACP should just be ignored. They are a joke.
  19. Braveheart

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    We had an idiot center manager fire a guy for backing 10 feet wihout a seatbelt and he fired him on spot and drove him to center. Only problem was he had never had even a warning letter for seatbelt infraction so he was back to work the next day.

    Works 4-5 hours and gets paid 8 hours. Nice going idiot center manager. Granted he is on radar now.
  20. bellesotico

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    LMAO@ reason for edit: He deserves worse.