Getting UPS Basic, as a customer

Hoping someone here can fill me in about Basic service, and if I'm eligible or not.

From what I understand, it's a service made for companies that would have otherwise shipped those items via the Postal Service, that they go to UPS instead, it's carried by UPS to the destination post office, and then delivered.

Is this service eligible to small businesses that use UPS for heavier, more valuable things, but have product being shipped via USPS that are light and of low value? When I say small, I really do mean small, just maybe 1-2 things a week shipped UPS (daily pickup account), and maybe 3-4 via USPS.



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UPS Basic is a service that is contract only. Currently UPS is very selective of who it offers BASIC to. They don't want to have the Ground service cannibalized by BASIC. Also, part of the theory of BASIC is it gets UPS service of transit time + 1-2 days. We usually do that by picking up Trailerload of Basic pkgs, and then only move them to our larger processing facilities when there is availability in our current feeder network. In this way we save money by not creating a new feeder run. We utilize an existing empty movement. This also causes delays in transit time which is why it's billed as a UPS + 1-2 days. For an account like you said you would have where it's only a few pkgs a day then currently the answer is no. Things may change in the future. But currently it's no.