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  1. barrycold

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    This question goes out to part timers that has a good amount of seniority. Would you go FT and have a regular job working 8 hours day and maybe little overtime or stay part time and double shift as much as you want on the other shifts and get overtime after 5 hours?
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    I don't get it.

  3. I'd rather be full time, with the way they are being stingy with the overtime around here the only time I saw any overtime was last peak.
  4. barrycold

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    If you don't get it read it again. If you had a chance to go FULLTIME would you go or stay PARTTIME and get overtime by double shifting as much as possible. This question is only directed to people that have enough seniority to even be consider for full time.
  5. bellesotico

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    Your original question is unclear THAT is why I asked. I was going to answer because I am eligible to bid on FT jobs.
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    At some point UPS is going to be taking a very hard look at overtime. Do you want to gamble?
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    There was a guy in my district who was pretty "famous" for being a part timer who would work 8-9 hours in a day by double shifting. Management didn't really care until they were doing a big review of hours spent and found out this "part timer" was making about 60-70k a year from double shifting every day. They talked with him and the local union and he got changed to a sorter with full time status, not sure of the details like his new pay rate, etc. He figured someone would notice eventually it just took years longer than he originally thought.
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    UPS goes through phases where it allows over time and then the phase where they are hard core against OT. If you are not a pre-1981 hire, meaning you hourly rate is the same as a driver, I would go full time to ensure that you will get the money and hours you have grown accustomed to. Tough question though if you enjoy your hours off when you don't want to work. Other than that, full time job equals an "adult" job. Welcome to the real world.
  9. barrycold

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    Yeah, that is why i posted this question up. If you work in a big hub they are alway going to need help. If you're on the extra work list and have high seniority you are guaranteed to get a chance to double shift. I don't think UPS or the union would have a problem with that. It's kinda equals out to fulltime work but you get to choose to work when you like to instead of working 8 hours a day. Plus 1.5 after 5 hours. I know somebody that has over 10 years and is still PT.
  10. helenofcalifornia

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    So you do work in a big hub? And hours are somewhat guaranteed by virtue of the large number of employees and shifts? Go for it then. Stay PT. The only disadvantage then would be the time of day that you work. Do you get an opportunity to "cover" drive at any of the centers?
  11. Pickles

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    I wish I would've stayed PT. At least then I would've had a chance at transferring.
  12. barrycold

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    Helen...I do work in a big hub. I work in the night shift. They call me to double on Twlight and preload. I am guaranteed at least 4 hours minimum if I do double. My night sort I get at least 5 hours.I know we can cover FT gone on vacaction which there are alot of them in the hub.
  13. barrycold

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    what's wrong with your location? I know only pt could transfer out.
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    I recently took a combo job after being part time for 13 years. In fact, on this very forum, I made a post about living off of part time work and loving it. I still think it is feasible. I know in my hub they take extensions onto almost every shift. A lot of times they are so desperate that they will let you work 7.99 hours and won't put you in for double shifting so you get the 3 hours OT everyday. I did that every peak for years.

    As much as I loved doing that, having a daughter and wanting to get a house at some point, I needed that 8 hour guarantee. Nights are a lot longer, but I am happy with the decision I made. 2 years without a raise sucks, but as I am already over $20 an hour, its not like I am struggling.
  15. UPS Lifer

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    You keep saying guaranteed - guaranteed! Nothing is guaranteed. Take the FT job.
  16. barrycold

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    In my situation I got laid off my combo job that I only had for a couple of months. I went back to where I came from. I will be the first person to be offered the same job. Now I have a choice to be FT or stay PT.
  17. barrycold

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    there are at least 30-40 FT in the hub. When they go on vacation they need a pt to cover. If FT have 4-6 weeks each of vacation then there are possibility of double shifting.
  18. barnyard

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    Which makes no sense what so ever. It is waaaaaay cheaper to pay a bunch of people overtime than it is to pay the benefits for another body.

    The problem is not from the company. This is a classic example of the union ruining it for everyone. The see p/t OT and start demanding more F/T jobs. Back when I worked the preload, I had to quit the safety committee and spill responder because I would get about 2 hours of OT a week.

    Before the OT crackdown, I could count on 25-30 hours most weeks and 30-40 during peak.

    There are some people that work p/t and have no interest in working f/t. Reward those folks with the occasional OT and they will stick around alot longer.

  19. UPS Lifer

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    There is a point where there are diminishing returns for OT. OT is cheaper to a point. It also depends on what end the OT falls on. If the preload is causing the OT by getting the drivers out late or causing the driver to load, it is always cheaper to hire an additional person on the preload. Where the company has a hard time is when the operation is not performing up to the plan. The question becomes do we go after the performance to get the OT in line or hire another person?? The answer will always be to get the performance in line.
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    I hate to point this out; but suddenly you went from certainly to possibility. :knockedout: