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    The FedEx presence on BrownCafe has always been fairly small, but has been growing lately, and probably to the point where FedEx is concerned that an employee information network is being formed. That's bad for FedEx because they prefer "mushroom" employees, who are kept in the dark and fed a constant diet of crap. The shills they send to post here say that this site "isn't important", and that it is not monitored by Corporate. BS, because their (the shills) presence here confirms that MEM is concerned.

    My suggestion is to give them exactly what they do not want... a highly informed group of employees who start "educating" fellow employees as to the way this organization really operates. Given the latest dose of manure from MEM, it seems like a lot of people are finally taking off the Purple sunglasses, and refusing the Kool-Aid. This is a very promising sign.

    You know, it may be too late to prevent The "October Surprise", but there are a lot of things we can do to make it an unpleasant experience for management as well. Please remember, that they are going to lose nothing from this deal, and the aristocracy in Memphis stands to profit quite handsomely. They don't have to do this, but they will because they can cut us down like weeds instead of pointing the finger of blame where it really belongs...at piss-poor management. We didn't buy and refurbish obsolete aircraft or invest in worthless technology...they did. But who always gets to pay for their moronic decisions? That would be us, the hourlies.

    As the gay and lesbian movement used to proclaim, "Act Up", and don't take this lying down. I think most of you realize by now that being submissive gets you nothing but more punishment. Like they say, "The floggings will continue until morale improves", which really seems to be the way FedEx thinks employees should be managed.

    Start posting information you have because it might be new (and important) to the rest of us. Somewhere, there are memos and emails that would get FedEx in a lot of legal hot water if they went public. If you are in a position to obtain them and let us know, that would be "a good thing", as Martha Stewart likes to say.

    Spread the word, and don't be shy about posting your information. We will all be stronger for it.


    Wonder how long it will take your "friend" to dispute this?
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    Well I know there are many lurkers from my station here.The total bedlam will happen when they go public with the plan, the cool aid drinkers will even look at them in awe questioning their sanity when they come to the realization that in meeting after meeting, people asked if we are losing express saver, and hearing "NO" from district level managers and senior managers who most likely know.They will have quite a storm of bees who won't believe a word of what they say for a long time, and this website can be proud of spreading the word.
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    In a meeting with our district director yesterday, he told us that while he is out of the loop. He stated that he has heard rumors about express saver, and eventually 2 day, but not a timeline. Someone mentioned October, but he stated he didn't know dates. On buyouts, he didn't think there would be any for hourlies.
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    I seriously doubt that an MD would be out of the loop, so he was probably lying...what a surprise. Our MD, whom I have known for many years, has acknowledged "major changes", but won't go beyond that, likely for fear of his job. Most of the MD's are pretty savvy, and are master politicians in their own right. My guess is that seniors and above know exactly what the October plan will be.
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    I'd really like to see some unification among the couriers. We're not going to get a union, but we don't need to make it easy for them. The "buzz" is growing, and that's good, but talk with no action is inconsequential. This is a done deal, and it is most defintely going to happen, so all of you fence sitters out there need to do something, even if it is as small as getting involved on this site or any others that get information out.

    As I have said before, we mean nothing to FedEx, and that means everyone, from the biggest suck-up to the biggest eff-up. If Fred could hire trained monkeys and save a buck, he'd do it. There is no loyalty to us, no concern about the financial impact, and no sense of obligation.

    The other night I watched a video from 1983 which celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Express. The one thing that stood out was the fact that the employees initially saved the company and then built it into a huge success. Fred is wiping his ass right now with all of your dedication and loyalty, which means absolutely nothing.

    It's high time that everyone realizes this and acts accordingly. There isn't going to be a last minute change of heart (because Fred doesn't have one), and we're all going to get screwed (again) on this deal.
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    At this point the only thing I'm looking to do is get my finances in order before we lose the OT. What else can we do?
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    Our managers and senior are also saying xs and e2 are most likely going away. Additionally, they mentioned something during the belt meeting like Fedex might be adding a overnight service with no commitment time? Cant imagine how that would work. They have been busy with the engineer sending plans back and forth with our district manager for route structure changes. How many routes we can have on road are changing daily depending on what "Magic Eightball" says. First its 2 less on Friday, then no 2 less on Monday and they are experimenting with holding packs that are not committed that day and they do it everyday. Only to change their minds as the number of routes we can run keeps changing. They just put up a sheet now everyday.... informing us of the the changes for the day. Really? Our customers seem more disgruntled as we offer them less consistancy daily. I have heard a lot of complaints about packages that should have been there that are tied up at the hubs and ramps.
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    It's ironic that in their insane quest to shave hours, they are alienating customers. The one thing that really distinguished FedEx was outstanding customer service, which is also disappearing rapidly as they do their best to impoverish hourlies. Disgruntled workers do not provide excellent customer service, a fact that seems lost on MEM. It would be poetic justice to have this whole deal explode in Fred's face, as shippers abandon Express because they aren't getting what they pay for. More business for UPS.
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    Well you better hurry. We just got the axe. Most people below 40 now. A heavy route will be 43 hours per week.
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    Mr Fedex you have that correct sir. I believe it was in January Frontline, a whole segment was dedicated to the Fedex Box slinger where they interviewed the lady in charge of the " Public Relations Dept" at Fedex. This is all they do is monitor the internet, twitter and anything else they can get their hannds on that would be a concern to the company. You can bet they are reading evry little morsel posted here.

    IMO District Directors have a broad outline of what to expect in October. Think about it. Fedex never does anything that hasn't been in the works for years. When we got the Trackers they were already outdated because they were developing the Supertracker. You know how the story goes. Sometimes I yearn for the big fat black magic marker and little zipcode book. In those days you got your freight, delivered it and everyone was happy. These days aren't so simple. Now you have some quack sitting in an office pouring over gap reports ready to write your butt up because you actually stopped and used the bathroom.

    Sorry, I got carried away there.............anyway we were told 7 months ago by our Senior that Fedex is changing. He delighted in telling us that he was going to hire a bunch of part timers whom would run FO and if needed would come back and del P1. While we were still trying to wrap our brains around that one he gave his knockout punch.....there would be no more day P1 shifts. WE would be delegated to midshifts.......delivering sos and other such frieght ( he never said anything about xs or p2) and then we would do the pickups. Around the same time memphis came out with NEW RULES. If the bulk of your shift occurs before 3pm you are still considered an AM shift. Therefore you are not able to RE-DEPLOY. Another NEW term. Now they can do anything they want to you and you have no recourse. Trust me when I say seven months ago my Senior could not have come up with this master plan all by himself. He gets his marching orders from his boss....the District Director who is very tuned in to what Memphis is doing.

    Anyone who thinks a District Director doesn't know what is going on is being played for a fool. Plain and simple.

    We have been told there is to be no overtime. Management struggles with this. Daily they are given a stop report that says how many routes they are allowed to run. This is all in preperation for Roads being implemented fully. It is my understanding from a Ground driver they already use this type of report in some way. It all dictates where the shifting of freight goes. This works well for a company that really has no commitment times. We unfortunately do at Express. So when they send the route home next to me and I have to absorb what they are not allowed to deliver after noon. I find myself in a pickle and go from driving 125 miles to 175 miles. But alas me working 11 hours and that person working 4 is what the clever engineer came up with. When I really think about it......this is the trial run to implement 4/10s in an area. We are little Guinea Pigs on a test run.

    Let me throw out this question..................How many times have you sat in State of the Station meetings and had those powerpoint presentations that say Ground is the big money maker and Express makes 10 cents per package? These are not slides your senior manager makes himself.....these are from Memphis. A subtle brainwash if you will. As long as you turn in sales leads and those leads go to Ground.........no worries, as long as it is in the FEDEX FAMILY that is what counts. That is all BS too. They used to give " Bonus Bucks". If you turned in a good sales lead and it did go to Ground........right after Fedex aquired RPS you got bonus bucks, 50 or a hundred dollars. Now it is like sorry, we can't help you, but thanks for the great lead. Yeah, thanks for the kick in the rear. Got it.

    And yes, we had the whole sales team come two months ago and push the Lead On. I guess they gave inspiring speeches. Last month only four people turned in the required of 4 to win Fedex sunglasses! We have been informed this month participation is mandatory. Good Luck with that.

    With all the changes, gap reports, focus routes, shift changes, routes cut, ironically we still have no idea what our management team got on their SFA. I don't believe we were kind either. We still haven't had a meeting to discuss the results either.

    I have "lurked" for quite a few months here. I wish we had our own place to post. I dislike airing dirty laundry to our neighbors. If you know what I mean.

    I really hope this viral thread grows, I would like to see a coralation of what is happening throughout the country.

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    Fred, MT3 and Dave don't care about customers. They've proven that over and over. I don't think any of those guys realizes that without satisfied customers, there goes their cushy executive positions with all the glamourous perks. Of course this is a company that seems to know how to shoot themselves in the foot with "expert" marksmanship.
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    Welcome aboard. I like you already, and you've obviously been around for awhile if you remember the ZIP guide and black markers.
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    As a rule, he -or she- who has the most information will have the greatest success in life.
    Benjamin Disraeli

  15. Out of the Dark

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    The stockholder is calling the shots these days, PRODUCTIVTY, the new buzzword.

    Remember years ago it was " Think outside the Box"
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    Very true.
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    I agree completely, and FedEx has been masterful at making sure we have as little information as possible. Instead, we get missives like PSP and the Purple Promise, which mean nothing. While Fred was sending us letters to "Live the Purple Promise" (From The Chairman) he and his band of brothers in MEM and Washington, DC, were actively plotting our demise. Can anyone say "Two-Faced"?

    Even though Fred is a known commodity, the faithful continue to soldier on in the false hope that he is going to do right by them. He isn't, and the evidence to back that statement up is staggering. If you add-up all of the takeways to what's going to happen in October (already happening in some locations), Smith will have effectively cut around 25% of most of your wages. That's quite a bold move, but since Freddy has bought himself the means for preventing us going union, he's going to get away with it. Count on it. No changes of heart (LOL), or last minute reprieves. It's going to happen.

    To let Fred know you don't like it, we need to sheet in his caviar, and the only way we are going to do it is to get the word out, get employees involved, and then actually DO something to indicate our displeasure at our wages being slashed. Remember, this is a man who envisons FedEx as a clone of WalMart, where low-wage employees slave away for a pittance, and the company has all the power.

    Or do they? We can fight back. Massive sick-outs, work slowdowns, and other tactics could basically shut Express down. Despite all the bluster and threats of OLCC's and letters, we need to stand-up against this BS and take action. If the whole station sits down on their bumpers and watches the freight go down the belt, we send a big effing message. The same if we all call in sick and cripple the operation. I am so sick of the Purple People saying "we can't do that", or "I'll get an OLCC". Guess what? Grow a set and fight back!! They can't fire everyone, because nothing would get delivered, and thousands of customers would just shift their business over to UPS.

    "NO, we can't do that!!" Sorry, but yes you can, and you need to start doing it soon or Fred Smith is going to just keep on taking. He knows that there is no history of fighting back, and he isn't expecting much resistance. Piss in this bastard's Cheerios, because he is surely going to piss in yours.

    An ethical company and COO would inform employees of major changes that are going to impact their lives. We are getting nothing from MEM except for the "restructuring" BS. Wake up!! Fred is about to drop an H-bomb on you, and like the good sheep you are, you're just going to continue to graze until you're led gleefully to the slaughterhouse. Hell, a lot of you would even build it for Fred because you're that passive. Fred is not your friend, and FedEx doesn't care one iota about you.
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    Has anyone considered contacting the New York Times? Spell out the contrast between a unionized UPS and a prevented from unionizing Express. The campaign contributions to get favorable Congressional treatment which is leading to taking Express couriers completely out of the middle class.

    The pen is mightier than the sword. And calls to action to throw monkey wrenches are falling on very few ears. I doubt the public is going to be sympathetic to tactics that could escalate into something dangerous. Look at the nutjob who killed those moviegoers in Colorado. Turn the public against you by going just a little overboard and you risk undoing any sympathetic support.

    So why don't I write the NY Times? I've bourne the brunt of management misdeeds and mid-range corporate policy for almost 14 years since being rehired. I haven't seen topped out couriers come to my and other mid-range employees' defense. I have seen a few smirks here and there, and have heard plenty of "it's been great for me, why don't you just shut up and live with it" comments. Now topped out couriers, who are still in a better position to handle less hours than mid-range employees, are going to get a taste of what it has been like to struggle to make ends meet. Only it's going to be worse for many of you. I've never been in a position to buy a home or finance the kind of vehicle I'd like. Not so topped out couriers. I'm amazed at some of the vehicles parked at my station. Make no mistake about it though. Each employee is personally responsible for his obligations. I'm not going to risk my employment, my future, or even my freedom because you've suddenly found yourself in dire straits. I absolutely hate what the company has done and is about to do. But ultimately it's their company and I serve it at their pleasure. The only things that will ever inspire physical retaliation in any form from me is if they get physical, if they falsely accuse to get rid of me, or if they don't pay the pension I've earned. I will go to war then. I don't ever see any of that happening, and like I've done for most of my time at FedEx I'll just take it until I can finally leave. It didn't turn out like I hoped, but then very few things in life do.
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    This is what I have been saying all along.
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