Got Flipped Off



On Monday I got flipped of by a kid on the school bus in front of me. I got out of the truck at the red light and told the bus driver she had a little boy giving people the bird in the back of the bus. On Wednesday another driver brought this to our centers attention.
"To the UPS Company,
I'am Sorry for flipping you off. I'am very Sorry for flippin you off. I am very Sorry to the driver of the UPStruck. I plan to behaive on the bus and not flipping of on more UPS drivers any more for the rest of my life. from now on i will wave to themand be nice tothemand I promas to tell the techer if i See any one do it to any person of the UPS Company. I'am very very sorry to the UPS company and I have no Idea why Idid that and I like you people and the drivers and I Would like to become one of you when I grow up,
Sincerely Christopher"

Hope you all get as big a kick out of this as we did.


At least you got an apology letter. About twentysomething years ago I pulled up next to MARTA city bus on Peachtree St. in downtown Atlanta in my P600. A little kid leans out the window and said something like "Whitey,I hope you are out of here before dark". I couldn't believe it. I ignored him. I don't pay much attention to kids in buses anymore.


My son and I look at the clouds when we are outside to see what they resemble. Some are lions, some are bears but the one we saw the other day looked like someone flipping somebody off....does that mean God was pissed that day? Maybe she was getting back at little Christopher.


That's pretty cool. One time a kid mooned me from the rear of the bus. I was laughing so hard I almost wrecked!


Great letter. And they got called on it, unheard of around here.
I hate even being around a school at dismissal
One on my rt had 3 shots fired at it and 3 calls saying there would be more yesterday. And a gun was found in a locker. Cops are there standard all day. Yet kids are walking around, standing outside smoking, etc, any hour of the day. Whats up with that, shouldnt they be in class? I could never drive a bus, I would not make it one day.


That reminded me of a story that happened here in my town.
The swim team won a major match that they were supposed to lose.
One of the young women on the bus was so happy that she decided to moon the car behind them on the way home.
She learned a lesson- that was the school principal- and her mother was a teacher at the school! :-)


Unfortunately the Ga. District where I work doesn't allow us to strap on a sidearm will on the road. Besides, my Dan Wesson .357 Magnum with a six-inch barrel would get tangled up in my seatbelt as I put it on about 150 times a day.
I don't work in downtowm Atlanta anymore, although sometimes when I come across certain dogs or a white-tail deer it might come in handy!