Got hurt at work.

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  1. Oops my bad... Any Floridians that had to deal with this. It's confusing as hell...
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    You reported the injury right? Has liberty mutual called you yet? They should have if you've reported it.
  4. Already contacted me, i went to the specialist today. Surgery set for Friday by the doctor. I called the adjuster and she is waiting for approval to have the surgery done on Friday. Now im not even on light duty and may have to wait until next week for surgery because of the approval process.
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    Call the adjuster and ask them what you will be paid while on workers comp.
  6. She has to get that info I guess from the payroll department. First check gets mailed out the 11th But she doesn't have the total of what it will be as of yet But there are 3 pay codes, averaged about 1510 a week for the 13 weeks prior in gross pay. But no total, because I guess workers comp hasn't approved the surgery as of yet
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    It doesn’t cost anything up front to retain an attorney. They get a percentage of your settlement.
  8. I'm in no need to get an attorney. Had the surgery and will wait to heal. UPS never have me a reason to hire one and workmans comp worked quickly (10) days from when it was first brought to managers attention to having surgery...
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    Awesome, that's the way it worked for me everytime
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    Fill out an injury report and make sure you keep your documents from your doctor. I've been injured at UPS. They might ask you to go to their doctor as well. You can collect workers comp. I was out for a month due to an injury.
  11. I am on workmans comp. Already went to the doctor and already had the surgery last Friday. When I felt the Hernia I stopped right away and told my supervisor.Filled the paperwork out and the rest went smooth
  12. I'll be back to light duty in 2 more weeks and preying to god no restrictions in another 5 weeks or so
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    hope this helps.
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    It is the only route.

    Worker's Comp is the law.
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    That's sweet of you, every prayer helps.
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    It is your call, of course do what you want.

    Have at it.

    I personally would consult a worker's comp attorney for advice for every on the job injury.
  18. And what would you ask him if you were in my position
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    I would explain the incident and ask what steps I should take to see that I get full compensation that I am entitled to.