Got hurt at work.

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  1. To let you know. The workmans Comp was the smoothest thing to go through. No hiccups at all
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    Get a lawyer to cover your back. I know a driver who had a not so nice adventure.
  3. I was paid by workmans comp for 2/3s of my gross income 13 weeks prior to my injury witch put me in the seasonal time frame. Sense I was put on a a baseline route for seasonal I was paid the max of what my state gives witch is 933.42 weekly.
  4. Why not, sue everybody.
  5. No need for a lawyer... Back to work already, but I made sure I was in contact with State dept for workmans comp to make sure everything was documented. Might as well use the ones I pay taxes to instead of paying a retainer fee to a lawyer who might of made things worse