Got hurt at work.

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    Lol good luck with that
  2. Of course they have to report it. I wouldn't leave the bldg until that was done
  3. Thanks for the heads up
  4. I'm not getting a lawyer. Money I Will never retrieve back, and they haven't done anything to me for me to go that route.
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    I'm sure there are horror stories out there but after going on workers comp for a herniated disk for 7 months, 3 hernias bout 8 weeks each, and shoulder surgery for torn rotator bout 5 months, I never had a problem. The only time I had a slight problem was when ups wanted the dr to release me for light duty of scanning trucks in the am a week after surgery(not arthroscopic..the old fashioned way of cutting you open) I said sure doc if you want me stumbling around trucks loaded with boxes and fresh stitches. He denied their request and let me recover at home
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    Have only done it once, but it works very well. I one year to claim an injury, 2 years for an occupational injury. When the state gets a claim from your doctor. The state asks questions and Ups gets nervous.
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    Ups gets nervous? I don't think so
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    There are countless horror stories on Brown Cafe and UPS/Liberty Mutual unfairly denying claims. Use the search fuction.

    A few thoughts....
    1 It is very distressing the UPS doctor did not immediately classify your injury as work-related...that is the doctor's job. The UPS clinic doctors have a vested interest in keeping UPS happy by denying claims.

    2 In many states you will be locked into choosing the UPS doctor as your treating physician if you are seen by him a 2nd time before seeing the doctor of your choice. SEEK A SECOND OPPINION BEFORE SEEING THE UPS DOCTOR MONDAY! It is concerning they want you to come back already Monday. It is perhaps to lock you into their doctor.

    3. Liberty Mutual has shorted countless UPS employees. I personally have had to fight them for unfairly denying a claim. They also used "creative" accounting methods to reduce my weekly check....later overturned.

    4. Each state is different in how they determine your average salary to determine your weekly check. Here it is 2/3 of your average income based on the last 6 months, including OT. Liberty Mutual has messed with this formula often when determining payouts....

    5 In our supplement you are paid vacation pay AND workmans comp if you are dissabled during your vacation week.

    6 You may be compensated for mileage too and from the doctor, keep mileage records.

    7 If your state allows it...Seek treatment from your own doctor, not the UPS doctor. Conflict of interest.

    8 Your state likely has a workman's comp hotline. They know the rules and are a great resource.

    9 There is already a red flag because the UPS doctor did not immediately say it is work related. For this reason I would call a lawyer. Your local union may have one on retainer to use for free or reduced cost. They will have experience in dealing with UPS/Liberty Mutual. If nothing else they will steer you to a competent lawyer.

    10 If UPS trys to call this non-work related subsequent hernias and/or work loss will likely not be covered. Many people have muscle pulls in the hernia area because the mesh does not stretch like connective tissue. And the possibility of a permanent disabling injury if the surgery is not 100% effective makes classifying this injury correctly very important...It could cost you 100s of thousands.
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    UPS get nervous when the state threatens to revoke their self insurance status.
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    Lol. Ur such a rebel
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    They were suddenly quite accommodating when I filed for triple damages when denying my claim unfairly.... and were about to go to the workman's comp judge.
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    It’s not me it’s them.
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    Ham and swiss
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    It is a link to a prior thread by that name.
  17. ahhh, got ya...
  18. They take your average of 13 weeks of gross pay prior to your injury and average it out to determine your weekly comp pay. 2/3 of the pay correct?
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    Workers comp is different in every state.