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Greetings all: I am considering employment w/UPS here in our smallish County (100,000). Looking at the early am loader shift. I have a part-time biz I can operate during the day (if I have anything left). Have done heavy-loading before, but that was quite a few years back--early 40's now. Been seeing that mgmnt is place to steer clear of. Also, is insurance fully paid for part-time? Help/guidance/advice...elaborate---thanks!


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Sure lots of folks do that working just for the insurance really.Dont worry about your age you can do it.Once you get out the tubes(unloading trailors )but some people like that too .You can turn your brain off just hump pkgs .


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Go ahead and apply....the worst that can happen is you don't like it and quit.

Seriously though, you say early morning loader, that would suggest either preload (the loading of 3-5 package delivery trucks) or outbound trailer loading.

Either one involves the occasional lifting of over 70 pound boxes which you are entitled to and encouraged to ask for help. Most of the packages are well within the range of easy handling.

Regarding insurance, it's been 25 years since I was a part-timer so things have changed. I BELIEVE (that means I'm not sure) that the company carrys your insurance after a certain number of days. There is also, once again I BELIEVE, a 2 year progression to make top salary. Be patient....there will be numerous persons more knowledgeable than myself that will give accurate info on this message board.

In your situation I would think an early morning part-time job would be ideal. Sure, you may be sore until you become used to it but think of it as an early morning workout that you get paid for. It's also only for 3-5 hours each day, so you can probably handle it. Good Luck.
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My kid just started part time and he's eligible for bennies after six months. I knew of a guy who pre-loaded 17 years, waiting for a car wash job, while he cleaned pools during the day... You can do it, if you don't mind the mind-numbing that comes with the job.


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thanks fellas--a little mind-numbing would do me some good--ready to get off the sales/budget pressure/pubicle/cubicle-hell treadmill---I spoke with a bud today who does the same thing & same age--he said same thing--gets paid to work out basically, and after initial adjustment, it was no prob--I can work my biz during day, and coach soccer in the afternoons--loading vans-not semi's btw. He said 4 mos. trial period to benes.


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Considering what it costs for medical coverage, a part time job that paid for medical would be very attractive.


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I wouldn't let your age worry you too much. If you don't hear anything from them, keep calling them back. Believe me, UPS needs you more than you need them. They NEED people who are willing to come to work each day. Read some of the earlier threads in August or so about new hires to get an idea of what to expect. Good luck.


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By all means go for it... I work with sevl real estate agents who work just enough to keep the benefits, and the HR guys tell me that they love having guys like you around. I would think that would be as great fit, and you will get in great shape in a really short time and it will be nothing. My benefits are better than any I have ever had, and I pay ZERO ( have a wife and kids) Let me say that again ZERO. That is nothing to sneeze at in todays world. I used to pay $600/mo. for just health insurance. So when the younger guys mock $9-$10/hour I just smile and agree...


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all i can say is that you get worked into the ground. but that may not be such a bad thing.


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Just be careful the medical benefits don't get lost in the next contract. The company always trys to get rid of them.