happy managers and skeptical teamsters

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  1. TearsInRain

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    something i noticed when i was in the Union, was that pretty much every single person assumed that supervisors and managers hated their jobs, were miserable, and would do anything to go back to being an hourly/driver

    i've only been in management for a 20 months now, but the only managers i've seen who fit that description were a few preload PT supes, and their problem was more with preload itself than management

    every other manager i've met was either content, and completely unwilling to go back to a Union job if offered, or loved where they were

    is it jealousy (lol air conditioning, no manual work), or just plain ignorance then on the part of hourlies?
  2. Brownslave688

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    No I know most of my sups want to be sups but it's because they don't want to be out doing our jobs all day. On the other hand almost all of my FT sups were perfectly content being PT sups but the company forced them into being driver sups cause no one else wanted to do it.
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    You are either in some :censored2: little building or you must be on heavy drugs because the people I see in North Jersey are MISERABLE and each and everyone who is in there late 40's or earlt 50's know the company wants them out ASAP!
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  4. TearsInRain

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    maybe i just don't live in the garbage dump that is Jersey

  5. rebeller

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    We all know lazy people go management.
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    Yet another case of PWT--Posting Without Thinking.
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    This is why your rep power is going down. It's not just because of your picture.
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    the sups in our center are puppets of I.E directed stops per car...They get there a##es handed to em by the DM each week. Most sups work less hours than drivers and it is less physical...Pick your poison..The wrath of the Division Manager in our building overrules working in this heat...
  9. Anonymous 10

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    In life we make choices. We make a bed and have to live in it. I've been around lond enough to know management of all kinds. Guys I hate guys I admire and guys who were truly a brother. We are all just trying to make it through this experience (big brown machine) and the finish line is what we all long for and crave. I've got management who can tell me the days left in their career and guys who have twenty years to go and want to take this place by the balls. It's up to guys like me to learn them so they can relate and we can all( most of us) make It to the end.
  10. UnsurePost

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    How is a part-time supervisor considered "management". I thought of them as underpaid hourlies.
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  12. TearsInRain

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    "reputation" or "up-voting" on internet forums is pure cancer

    along with heavy moderation, it only results in a giant circle-jerk
  13. TearsInRain

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    how is any supervisor underpaid?

    a PT supe makes far more, per week or per hour, than a PT hourly (non-driving) and a FT supe makes at least as much, if not more than a FT driver, for far less work
  14. rej277

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    agreed, it's absolutely pointless
  15. bumped

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    I don't think many of the management people want to go back into the union. I think they want to manage, but not at UPS. The only ones that can leave are those that have really applied themselves to their schooling with a Bachelors and Masters. UPS is run like the military, and many of the sups don't have the skills to manage elsewhere. Others are priced into their jobs with the money, wife, and kids to take a chance elsewhere so they grind it out.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Thank you for posting this. I have mentioned this in the past and was told that I was way off base (pun fully intended).
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    And you will always be the pivot man.
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    Oh you are very spot on there Upstate.... I have said this many times to my coworkers.... and I was in a light infantry unit that treated us like we were a ranger batallion. The one big difference is you can speak your mind at UPS. In our unit backtalk would get you in serious trouble.
  19. tourists24

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    and much less significant. Hey if you are happy taking it from both ends (mgt and hourly) then have fun. I may work harder but I dont have to worry about anything but my little route.
  20. curiousbrain

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    Thanks for perpetuating the stereotype that management people are total heartless morons; you do those of us in management who do care a grave disservice, and I'd be ashamed to work next to anyone who thought as you do.