Happy Memorial Day

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    happy memorial day to all those who serve and have served. A special thank you to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. God bless and keep you.

    If your community has a unique way of celebrating today let us know.

    We are doing the standard barbecue with faimily. Kids back from college. :thumbup1:
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    Thanks, tie, very nicely said. You will certainly have a great time with the kids home.

    Happy Day to all and remember to take time out for yourselves. dw
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    Thanks Tie for starting this thread....

    This is the first holiday, I have gone through since since retiring in March.
    I hate to admit it, but in the past it has always been about packing as much party time in as I could before going back to work. God knows UPSers work hard, especially before and after holidays...(special operating plans)!

    Now I can appreciate more fully the real reason we celebrate these holidays...

    A couple of days ago I ran across a picture of my son in full marine battle fatigues with night vision. It sent chills down my spine. The pic was taken in Bahrain in Oct 2000. Prior to 9/11, this was one of the 3 highest priority areas for a terrorist hit. He was always on full alert. As I was looking at the picture I had time to reflect on what some parents have gone through and are going through now. Nobody can fully understand the loss of a son, brother, father or husband, from the ravages of war and what these people have gone through... but maybe this can help focus our thoughts on the safe return of those that are still in harms way.

    We should also pray for the families that have lost loved ones to war and hope they may find peace and understanding for their loss.
    Have a very safe & reverent Memorial Day...
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    Nice touch Tie; I agree completely! A simple thanks is so easy yet so many of us fail to give even that. From the bottom of my heart- Thanks to all those past and present who serve their country and especially those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.
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    good post Tie , I think hourly as well as mngmnt can agree on this issue :thumbup1:BC
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    Yes nice thread. Agree totally
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    Thanks tie,

    So many are giving and have given so much for the freedoms we enjoy. Thank you all veterans! My youngest son is in the Persian Gulf now and today has been a day for reflection and prayer. Have a great day everyone.

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    Great post. I ll have to give UPS a thumbs up. I was in the Marine Corp during the Gulf War(91). UPS stepped up to the plate and compensated the difference in pay. You see, UPS does have a heart. In all seriousness, May God watch over our troops. They should be always in our hearts and prayers.
  10. UPS Lifer

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    I will keep your son in my thoughts and prayers...God Speed and a safe return home.
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    Let's not forget about the women who have fought as well. Thank God for the men and women who are willing to sacrifice so much for us. Prayers to the families.
  12. raceanoncr

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    Thank you, Lifer, for you and your son's service. By "your" service, I mean the support you gave him and are continuing to by your mentioning him in this thread.
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    Thank you, Rapid, also, for your families service in supporting your son. We appreciate his service more than anyone can say.
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    Thank you, Area, for your service and your support then and now. We appreciate it.