Happy Thanksgiving & Have a great Christmas!!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BrownShark, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. BrownShark

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    Brother and Sisters,

    May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

    Good luck in your careers at UPS, stay safe and learn the contract and assume nothing.

    Its time to move on and accept what is and let this election go by the wayside.

    We can speak louder in our locals in the next election for Officers and then in the General Election rather than waste our breathe on this blog.

    Peace to all,

  2. FIST

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    We wil Brownshark! Thanks for your blogs, with the big uproar now happening with the members about this contract all I here is "we got sold out" by our Union reps, LETS GET RID OF THEM. Members are even calling for a petition to get rid of our BA's in our building. YES!
  3. raceanoncr

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    I don't understand what the "big uproar" now with the members about this contract is. And the "we got sold out"?

    Let's see...who voted it in? I think only members were able to vote. By todays count, it's passed by 65%. That means 65% feel they've been sold out?

    "Members are even calling for a petition to get rid of our BA's in our building"? Hmmm...I wonder how many of these, so-called, radicals put the X in the "yes" box?
  4. ScottP

    ScottP 15 down 20 to go

    Happy Thanksgiving and holidays to all.

    What's done is done as far as the contract is concerned. I was not a supporter but it's here and we have to carry on business as usual. Hopefully everything will work out best for us all.
  5. mpeedy

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    I quess you didn't read the new contract. 65% of the ones who voted, not all the upsers, you sound like the teamsters.
    The Teamsters only allowed 2 weeks for the votes to get in, why the rush.
    If the contract was soo good the teamsters would have let the members read and discuss the contract. It was not up for almost a year. Why did they give soo little time to turn it in?
  6. raceanoncr

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    "...didn't read the new contract"? Thanks for the presumption.

    "No, I always sign everything without reading!!!!"

    As soon as it was posted for downloading, I had 37 pages of "new" contract that I took to the next general membership meeting so I could follow along or ask questions.

    "You sound like the teamsters"? Well, ahh, duh! I kinda think I am a Teamster. I wouldn't be able to vote now, would I? What kinda statement is that?

    "...65% of the ones who voted"? Were you correcting me? Are you also presuming that I thought ALL UPSers got to vote, union or not? Geez, I guess we'll have to spell everything out for all that presume.

    "The Teamsters only allowed 2 weeks for the vote..." How much time do we need. WE also knew this was coming. Was it a big surprise? Should we have been prepared? I had plenty of information to make up my mind. Yes, propoganda from both sides, UPS and Teamsters. And, because of preparation, I think I had plenty of time to make a decision.

    I went to every proposal meeting the year before, every general membership meeting since then, got on every web site that dealt with this issue, talked to fellow drivers, young and old, thought about my long-term and short-term plans, calculated what my future was going to look like, with "no" or "yes" vote, in other words, I think I was prepared.

    You make it sound like this was all a big surprise and got blind-sided by the Teamsters. Well, you know what? We've all got resources to draw from. We're all free-thinking agents. There should be no excuse for not knowing what was going on or not having enough time.

    Now, flame on.
  7. Damok

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    Hey look! Accusations and wild assumptions... the calling cards of the perpetually negative.
  8. scratch

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    Excellent post. I did the same as you did. I went to the Proposal Meetings, I did as much research as possible. Nothing about this was a secret to me. A lot of people chose not to pay attention and not act on issues, just like in politics. I was the first one in my Hub that brought a copy of the proposal to work. I have been through quite a few of these, I understand that it is give and take by both sides That is what compromise and negotiations are all about. While I am not crazy about everything in this contract, I am happy that I am now planning to retire seven years sooner. It looks like I will have to wait five more years in my case, so I get to do this one more time.

    Too many people just look for the negative things in life. I am glad I am not one of those. I have more things to be thankful for than I don't.
  9. steamroll

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    as they say brown shark, actions speak louder than words