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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by automaticP1300, May 8, 2007.

  1. automaticP1300

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    Were all of you issued the hard card ID a few years back? Its white with the UPS logo, your name, district, and picture on the front. Just curious, because a our center they issued them for drivers for all classes before mine. When my class went through, they took our pictures, but we never got the IDs. They said they quit making them "due to cost." The thing is though, that all of the suits get them, even the newbie college graduates with an IE job. So now we're back to the old flimsy laminated ones. My issue is that I cover many routes in our downtown area, and when I enter alot of these buildings, I have to give them my driver's liscense to obtain a keycard (cause my fake looking company ID is not good enough). Just wondering if yall were issued these.
  2. outamyway

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    I started in late 05 and I was issued a laminated one. Funny thing is they laminated it before I could sign my name. So the sig line is blank.The picture was also taken at 3 in the morning before I was even close to being used to that schedule, so I look pretty much asleep.
  3. disneyworld

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    Tell them they won't accept your ID at those buildings and you need a better one. Can't get in, can't deliver.
  4. automaticP1300

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    I went to HR and told them I was having issues with some security. I'm told the official IDs come from Atlanta, so I'd have to have pretty good reason. Is this not good enough? I just think its laughable that DHL, Fedex, and every other mom and pop company display their IDs, but we don't.
  5. scratch

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    I lost my good clip-on ID, and I have been using a tempory Hub photo ID an HR person took a year ago. They also don't give us name tags anymore. Apparently, we can't get them in Atlanta as an hourly.
  6. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    You hand over your drivers liscense?
    No Freakin' way!
    They just will not get their deliveries.
    This problem could be easily solved if you asked to borrow your center manager's DL so you could make a delivery.
  7. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    IDs.. LOL never seen one... although I did get my picture taken once.
    it musta been for the Center Managers photo album...
  8. Harry Manback

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    Don't have id's? Man, we can't get past the guard house in the morning without ours. Well, we can on Fridays, the guard is always asleep on Friday morning.
  9. RockyRogue

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    LOL...here they issue photo ID's to all UPS employees--hourly and management. Ours are the hard ID's mentioned in a few posts. I worked in an Illinois hub with the laminated ones. I guess the ones we have here are a little harder to fake. -Rocky
  10. the_hobbit

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    yea its the same in missouri district for downtown st. louis, all employees get the hard card id's cant get past the gaurds half the time with that one even lol
  11. cast

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    The Post Office I delivered to when I used to be a cover driver wanted ID, I asked our center mgr. and he took a digital picture and sent it somewhere and in 3 days I had an id card. About 5 months later everyone got them.
  12. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    Nope, no guards either.. small center 30routes.
    doors open/unlocked all day, package cars left outside
    during reload with packages(send agains) in them.
    Customers just wander in during the sorts too..
    no fences no gates... nothing..
  13. rushfan

    rushfan Well-Known Member

    Mine is hanging in my package car collecting dust.
  14. ikoi62

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    i used to work in a building just like that, was the best building i ever worked in. then they closed it.
  15. wornoutupser

    wornoutupser Well-Known Member

    It is the same in my building. No security, customers eveywhere all the time, package cars outside with doors unlocked,empty trailers wide open.
    We did get the hard ID cards way back but we were never given the clips that you clip them on with.We were told that the clips cost too much for UPS to buy them. Imagine that!
    I only know of 1 driver that bought his own clip. Other than this driver, I have not seen one of those cards in a long time. Mine lives in my pocket saver.

    MSGTDEL New Member

    We have them here in Atlanta P'dale hub. Mine expires 1/1/2015 by the way. lol
  17. local804

    local804 Well-Known Member

    Its a good thing the supervisors wear their ID card as per the contract.
  18. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    Just ask them to please wear it, and when they don't "GRIEVE IT"
    just for fun.... :)
  19. Cole

    Cole New Member

    LOL about the sup's, the contract says "they will wear identification when they're on duty, so if they're not, then they must not be on duty. I told that to one that did an observation on me one day. So I asked him why, if he's on duty, wasn't he properly identified etc...He didn't like that too much. He was with ie and had seen me and a former center manager getting into it that morning, so I guess he thought he would do an observation ride and show me, and he even said "you're the one who was giving (former managers name) a hard time this morning", so I simply stated I am a steward and it's my duty to let them know when our contract is being violated.

    Ok I have A.D.D., to the thread topic: They had us take id's a few yrs ago, right as we came in from working 10-12 hrs. so we all looked rough. Then I guess they scrapped the need for them, because they never asked to see them again. We don't have a fenced in bldg so that may be why it's not required as some centers.
  20. local804

    local804 Well-Known Member

    Its pretty funny how all of a sudden an obsevation ride is warranted when a simple question is asked. No matter what the topic, (safety,flavor of the month, ect ect)they still seem to use an ojs/observation as a revenge motive. They wonder why company morale is in the gutter.