Help Dan


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If a long term UPSer, lets call him Dan, sustained a significant injury to his shoulder some 20 years ago, playing ball and it healed ok, but was never quite the same shoulder and he found himself favoring it.

For the most part, it was as good as normal, but would flare up from time to time over the years if Dan ever over reached for something or fell on it while wrestling with his kids, etc. It would get better and life would go on.

Now, Dan is getting older and the shoulder is starting to act up more and more frequently and Dan is thinking about fixing it before it gets worse and he gets too old for a speedy recovery. Surgery will be required.

Now before you all take sides here, let me be clear that a case could be made either way about disability verses workers comp.

My question is why would Dan want to go with comp when disability, in the end, allows you to see your own doctor and related specialists, similar income replacement during rehab, and virtually no out of pocket expense?

I think Dan's doctor would be better than a company doctor, disability and comp pay about the same in Dan's state, and the medical insurance provided in the benefit package pays almost all costs.

Is Dan seeing clearly here?


Dan should be carefull that he does not do something that could be deemed to be fraud or he could have bigger problems then a sore shoulder.


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Didn't "Dan" say that he hurt it "playing ball"?

Unless your center has a hoop, field or gym in it...sounds like a disability claim to "Lobo"


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Look if you got hurt at work than its a comp claim, if you got hurt outside work than its a disability claim. Do the right thing here, if you have been at ups 20 years then we know he all have had ups and downs, good times and bad times, but i would expect more honesty out of a fellow upser than this.


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The way I read this it is about an injury 20 yrs prior to now. He was given the ok to work at UPS with the pre-employment physical therefore UPS cleared him to work. Now yrs later he injures himself so it would not be fraud to go on workers comp, he would however take a prorating on any settlement for the injury because of the old injury. No expert but what I've been told in the past.