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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by underdog101, Nov 3, 2007.

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    So back in 97 the union told you to strike. Now 10 years later they are asking you to vote yes. So what is the big change? You guys all the sudden are not a bunch of monkeys and can think for yourself? Is it just because Ron Carey is not your fearless leader that you will not listen to your union? Maybe the teamsters should have a union for their own union. You guys are so fractured among yourselves you make the union weak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The "big change" is that in 1997 UPS wanted full control of the pension plan. The new plan will be under the control of five Teamster trustees and five from UPS.

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    It may sound like good faith that the Teamsters are allowing UPS to have partial control of the panel but just how much are they going to allow UPS to make final decisions of how they monies are to be distributed? Anything the Teamsters have full control of ends up in corruption and they are not going to let this cash cow stray.
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    Not to hijack your thread, but we struck in '97 because Ron Carey had a personal vendetta against UPS, and he suckered enough people to follow him.
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    Any level of benefit or distribution of benefits changes must be voted on by the members. There are other "things" that the trustee board can vote on and change but it must be a majority rule kind of thing. Should make for some interesting times considering the equal number on each side.

    ** This was explained at our most recent meeting. A guy got up and asked specifically about changes that could be made by the board then pointed out a blurb on some information he received saying the board could make changes for any reason, etc... it was explained that applied to those "things" other than benefit level, distribution etc. of course they moved on to other questions before those "things" were ever discussed in more detail.
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    Interesting, I expected a bunch of people to start bashing UPS on this thread. Every time I look at these forums I see the majority of people bashing UPS. Not saying UPS does not have their problems. They do, all big corporations do. But, if you think the Teamsters are not a corporation you are sorely wrong. They are and they have their problems just like the rest of the corporations do. If this contract is voted down don't expect major changes at all. If Teamsters want to strike that will be the biggest blow to them, not UPS. UPS will survive you can count on that. This company has more invested in it than the Teamsters will ever have.