Help! "Service Disruption Occurred"??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by damon_n, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Okay, so I just moved in and I ordered two things that were both sent through UPS. One from Amazon, and another for my wife from a popular women's clothing store. The Amazon package (ending in 3489) had some type of error in the address, so I called and they asked me to confirm my address, which I did. It was the same address as on the label (according to the cust. rep.). Also, it required a signature which was weird, so I figured I'd try to be home earlier to sign for it, if possible. Anyway, they agreed to deliver the Amazon package the next day (4th) even though it was originally scheduled for the 3rd. I had also next dayed the second package (ending in 3887) to have for the 4th so I could wrap it, etc..

    Anyway, around 1ish I come home and jump in the shower. I thought it was a little weird that the UPS guy hadn't showed up by 3, so I checked the website. Both packages said that "the recipient has moved" etc.., so I called the 1-800 number where I got a very helpful lady who took down my phone number and sent it to the UPS facility. Annoying, but seemingly understandable since I just moved in.. I refreshed both of the packages, and they have the same error!? I called UPS hotline, and they said they didn't have any information and to call in the morning...

    Whats going on here?!
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    Youre going to have to call the shippers and see if they can send them back to you once they get looks like you damned yourself by calling the 1800 number...try calling them again see if they can get them to keep them at the center youll have to pick it up there but atleast youll have it.
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    what was error in address? Is your hm a new development...have that problem alot with houseing boom and mapsco not able to keep up with new streets. all ways have shipper put your cell phn # along with your adress. both packages sent next day air saver so commit time isnt till 2pm. for most areas. Far as the signature, long as its not a adult required signature u can leave a note on your door saying ok to leave at door with your name signed and printed on it.
    Other than that if it doesn't show a scan for deliver tomorrow i would say amazon said just return and they will resend.
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    If it is sig required than a note doesn't always do it! Some drivers will not leave a pkg that is sig req without getting a sig from you. For me it depends on the situation and the customer. Technically it is still my butt if I accept a note on a sig required pkg and that pkg disappears.
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    Next Day Savers are delivered anytime during the day to a residential address, not 2PM. And if it says signature required, then that means you have to be there in person to sign for it, a note won't do. If the addresses were correct, they should not have been sent back to the shipper. I did not quite understand from your original post if the packages were originally shipped to your old address or to your new one. If you are in a brand new house or apt on a new street that is not in the data system or map book yet, then this could be a problem. Another problem could be that a new driver or vacation driver covering the route couldn't find your address. Usually we do the job right the first time, but there can be several factors that cause things to go wrong.
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    do like what sups do... pass the you sup for ok. lol
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    sorry still using sdn down here. just this morning! And still has that opp. on back of info notes also.
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    No, everything was sent to my new address. The area isn't a new development, and I've had a UPS package or two arrive before.
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    which makes this even more confusing why did you call em in the first place?
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    I think this was the problem. Damon called and they sent the driver a message saying those pkgs needed an address correction because the consignee had moved. Driver does not attempt delivery and brings them in that night. The clerk cannot find any other address than the one on the package and sends them back to the shipper.
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    I'm a little confused also. Even if the driver did receive a message saying the consignee had moved, why didn't the OMS have the moved to address? They talked to him on the phone. With PAS/PAL/EDD anything could have caused an error, but other than a flip I don't see it getting on the wrong car. Plus, on prepaid moved packages we don't RTS on the first try. If the night clerks can't find and confirm the correct address, they should postcard the package.
    No where in the OP was it mentioned that the package were RTSed.

    My DIAD will not let me enter a signed DN on a sig req package if it has the proper service code.

    Damnon_n, sorry we don't have an answer for you yet. We'll (the posters on here) argue about it for a day or two and with any luck at all you'll get your packages by the time we get a solution.

    I'm also, SOrry for the delay.
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    Oh so true Trpl. LMAO