Hey Fred, Come Clean!!

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    Reveal the "October Surprise" now so all of your loyal followers can see just how "good" you are going to be to them. What? It's a "surprise", and it cannot be revealed for proprietary reasons? Fred...I'm disappointed in you.

    Just so you all remember and so you can prepare yourselves for the future, here is just a partial list of what Fred has done for you.

    * Eliminated your Traditional Pension Plan. No, he didn't have to, but he did, so he could save himself millions.

    * Raised your healthcare premiums to astonishing levels and installed ridiculous deductibles

    * Killed Profit Sharing

    * Spent hundreds of millions to preserve his RLA "Express Carrier" exemption, a special deal just for him courtesy of the US Congress

    * Eliminated shift premiums because "FedEx couldn't adminster the premiums fairly". You will soon discover the real reason for the elimination of shift premiums

    * Created a Ground division comprised of "independent contractors" who hire drivers for ridicuously low wages and no benefits to create a UPS clone with a cost structure approximately 40% less expensive than Big Brown. FedEx manages them like employees, holds them to employee standards, and runs the division with an iron fist, but none of the drivers work for FedEx. Really? You will soon discover why Ground will cost the average Express employee a ton of income. But Fred doesn't want you to find out yet.

    * FedEx is "broke" and on the verge of corporate "death". Yet, Fred can spend hundreds of millions of new companies internationally and buy a whole new fleet of planes. Why is that, Fred?

    There's more, but that's enough on the takeaways for now. Tell us how you raise big bucks for the GOP so they will do your bidding and how you fly senators and congressmen all over the world on the FedEx executive jet fleet to curry favor with them. Isn't spending millions on donations for them enough?

    Tell us about how you ran over and killed that poor black guy in Memphis back in the 70's. Rumor has it that you were drunk, but that you paid-off the family and got away with murder because you were a big deal in a nothing city.

    Tell us how you swindled your own sisters to finance your ambitions. Please?

    Screw you, your pandas, and may Karma visit you frequently for what you are about to do. You are beneath contempt Mr. Smith, and you deserve to rot in Hell.
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    Damn! Scott Davis is looking pretty good right now.
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    I'm disappointed in you Mr. FedEx, you missed the big one...

    - pay progression to top-out was deliberately brought to a standstill. It went from 23 months, to 4 years, to 7 years, to 17 years, to 23+ years to "not ever" progression. There is NO PUBLISHED SCHEDULE for pay progression for the wage employees -they have NO WAY to predict when or if they'll ever top out. They won't top out, that is now gone - Express just won't come out and admit it.

    Another one that affected me directly when I was in...

    Jump seating was taken away about 6 or so years ago. Employees can still jump seat if they are on official Express business (at least the last I heard), but for personal travel, it was taken away.

    It has been a steady "drip, drip, drip", concerning all of the take-aways. I was astonished back in 2009 at the absolute reticence of the wage workforce concerning the elimination of the traditional pension plan. Given the imminent take-away (elimination of 3rd day service), yet another "drip" will be added to the wage employees' losses.

    If all of these take-aways had been done at once, there would've been a riot. By doing it drip by drip, the majority just seem to get a little disgusted for awhile, then carry on.

    One has to hand it to Fred, he knows just how much to turn up the heat on the kettle, to keep the frog from getting ticked off enough to jump out.

    And if one can't see a pattern by now, they do have their head jammed in the sand....

    I'm left wondering when the breaking point will be reached. With the loss of reliable OT for the full-timers, there is a very direct and PRESENT reduction in their standard of living. Trying to get an outside job for full-timers is next to impossible, and with the eventual shift of delivery of non-overnight volume to Ground in the next couple of years, trying to work 8 hours with a 3 hour split will make getting supplemental employment next to impossible for the full-timers (all part of the Express plan).
  4. MrFedEx

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    I guess I could have piled on poor Fred, but your points are well taken. Never topping out is just another dimension of a multi-layered scam.
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    Erosion of the travel benefit has been sure and steady also. We used to get some pretty good deals and actually were treated with a little bit of respect by airlines many many years ago. Now it's "back of the line", last ones on if standby, and "you guys aren't an airline". But FedEx will still use the travel benefits as a major selling point to new hires along with the tuition reimbursement flaming rings of fire.
  6. STFXG

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    At ground I miss when we used to be able to ship anything for $3. Now we get a discount that is worthless. Any time I need to ship something I just set up a new account, which gets a better discount than the "employee discount".
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    Thank you Mr. Fedex for posting this! FedEx is a FARCE! And full of corporate greed, and Fred and his Washington cronies should be tossed in prison-CUZ THEYRE ALL FRIKKEN CRIMINALS
  8. MrFedEx

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    "Benefits" you cannot use are not benefits at all. I have heard lots of stories abiut Tuition Refund denials since the program was revamped a few years back. Market Levels are another dimension of the scam I didn't address. The RLA allows Fred a free hand because it prevents the logical response....a union.
  9. MrFedEx

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    Fred is both a moral criminal and an actual criminal. The man has no soul and is evil to the core. I don't care if he comes to your kid's Bar Mitzvah....he's a piece of crap and a reprehensible human being.
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    Oh boy ! 59Dano and Goldilocks are going to be pretty :censored2: at you gentlemen now ! LMAO
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    No, thats ok, he has his opinion. Mr Fedex, since I am a newby to this forum please tell me how many years have you been with Fedex? That way I will know how to answer your comments. If you are a middle ranged employee then I do understand what you are going thru. Remember, this is a corporation. Dano and I witnessed Fedex as a small company and yes, we had profit sharing checks every 6 months, tons of hours, great insurance, and best of all Jump seating. I use to fly all over in jumpseat, miss it dearly. But those days are gone, Fedex has grown up and turned into "Just another corporation in America." They are all the same. Cutting hours, working their employees to death. WELCOME TO AMERICA....This is NOT Freds fault. Its Society. Do not attack I am simply stating my opinion. Thank you...
  12. MrFedEx

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    A long time with FedEx. Topped-out, and was at FedEx when it was an excellent company. Sorry, but this absolutely IS Fred's fault. He has spent millions to put himself in the catbird's seat, and he is taking full advantage of the fact we cannot fight back with a union. Your beloved Mr. Smith engineered the current Ground scenario, a plan that has been in the works since 2008 if my sources are correct, and I believe that they are. He sees that he can profit by shifting business from the Express opco to the Ground opco, and he's doing it.

    All of the Sales hype and "Lead-On" drives are garbage designed to make it look like upper management is attempting to "save" the Express division. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dave, Fred, MT3, and all the rest are going through the motions and saying all the right things when this decision was made several years ago. They've been loading the bullets and polishing the gun, and now they're pulling the trigger.

    It's not "Welcome to America", it's "Welcome to King Fred's World", where he operates above the law and runs his companies with special privileges and exemptions gained through gaming our political and legislative systems to his advantage. He has abdicated any responsibility he used to have to his employees in the pursuit of pure profit. That's wrong, and Fred Smith is an ass of the highest order.
  13. DS

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    I get the feeling that Mr Fedex does not like Fred.
  14. Cactus

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    Goldilocks you seem like a nice gal but please get your head out of the sand. Nothing personal.
  15. TUT

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    Why would someone moving a box from A to B ever think it would be a totally GREAT job? It used to be only because the company swimed in profits prior to wall-street taking over, those days are gone. Wall street is winning, you are losing. Not a good day to be an hourly in the U.S. of A.
  16. TUT

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    Fedex doesn't buy ground, you are on the verge of going out of business with $0/hr. Really it was a master-stroke for Fedex to but ground. Perhaps the second greatest thing the guy ever did economically to employ many.
  17. Cactus

    Cactus Just telling it like it is

    Ground is still a scam and you're glorifying it. Pulleeez.
  18. TUT

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    It's business. If you think Ground is a scam, what do you think of regional carriers all across the land? These aren't real business and job's? Everyone that takes a job as a ground dirver tells me they need a job period, play your cards better and do no accept being a Fedex driver period.

    Back on topic, what I wrote is fact no matter if Ground is a scam. If the dude didn't buy it the whole company would be in a total world of hurt right now. But he did an looking at it, one side needs a re-org while the other-side is making bank. Off the backs of under-paid labor? Perhaps. I'm not for screwing Joe, but there is a point they have to stand up and I'm all for those drivers making a stand now, we all got to do what we got to do. But what is really happening? They go to work and do what is told, not worrying about it, so that tells me Fedex knows the market.
  19. MrFedEx

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    You demonstrate great ignorance Grasshopper. Being a FedEx courier used to be an excellent job, one in which you used your judgement, psychology, and time-management skills in order to become an excellent performer. For a very long time, it was a source of great pride to be one of the chosen few who could truly excel. Alas, now the order of Memphites has decreed that we no longer think for ourselves and rely instead on the great God of Technology.

    It is clear that you understand little, but that is to be expected of one who has never done the job.

    When you can snatch the Overnight Letter from my hand, it will be time for you to go.
  20. vantexan

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    How are those guys going to make a stand if they have the contractor buffer between them and the company? Can't strike against company you don't work for. They go to work because that's the only choice they have. Or quit.