Hoffa, hall and O'Brian in Chelmsford

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Stink219, Feb 23, 2013.

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    Went to a rally yesterday in Chelmsford MA. Great showing of many locals from the North East. We even had support from members outside of UPS, which feels great to know others are fighting with us. Sean O'Brian came out first. Sean, in my opinion, will be the future of our Teamsters Union. A great speaker, he's intense in the negotiation room and he is a door buster at UPS. Hoffa came out next and blasted UPS. His offer was "No Pay!" for our healthcare. Finally hall obviously spent the most time speaking considering he spearheads the negotiations of our contract. He again stated "Not 90 dollars, not 9 dollars, not 9 cents NOT ONE CENT!" It was a great time. I met a lot of great people. Spent a lot of time talking with Sean and some other BA's in the area. Just wondering if anyone on here were close enough to attend?
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    Do we really need a thread for every movement of the crooks? ;p I'd love to share a story with you sometime, Stink, but it'll have to be when I'm retired. It'd change the way you looked at these people.
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    What about raises?
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    They should hire Herman Cain.
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    PM me. You can leave out names to protect the innocent. I base my opinions on how I'm treated by people. I could share a few stories with you as well.
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    And yes, yes we do need a thread about union activity in the union section of BC.
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    I had intended to go yesterday, but I couldn't walk (no, I wasn't drunk).

    Where at CHEMA did they hold it?
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    I'm unfamiliar with the area, it was in a big lot near UPS that is Teamster owned.
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    True, again my point was, do we need a new thread every day they move around to a new city?
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    I'm more concerned with how they treat others, because anyone who wants your vote will play people like a violin.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    I wish I had known. Didn't hear a thing about it at my center. Not even from the FNN.
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    I'm going to the Teamsters Rally tomorrow morning in Atlanta and yes I'm going to post a thread about it. If it bothers you so deeply dont read it, mmmmk?
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    So.... Jim Hoffa and hall are crooks ?? I would like to hear this story.

    If you are concerned about "our" contract and the welfare of Union's in general.... It's totally appropriate.

    Again, if there is specific issue you are talking about.... Lay it out.

    It can't be some sort of "super secret" stuff.

    Alluding.... that you could only discuss something after you are retired.... kind of sounds like "conspiracy".

    Help me out.

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    If it weren't the same rah-rah campaign slogans and propaganda at each rally, and there was something unique to capture from each and every event, I could see that.

    There could be one "superthread" to handle the rallies, instead of dozens of threads dealing with the same exact content.
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    I've learned to believe half of what you see and non of what you hear. The majority of teamsters are Hoffa supporters, that's obvious because he won. Sean O'Brian received the highest vote count of anyone in the east region (even more than the Hoff). Highest of any region. Coincidence? He will be IBT President someday. It does sounds like sleeve is a tad bitter. I'm also interested in hearing the atrocity that has happened to you. Just skip the thread. Would it be better to have one thread with 3000 posts that started on one subject and turned into another? We have so many of those already.
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    Not bitter, I just think it's ludicrous to muck up the union side of the forum with 100 threads, one per day, while other more valid and varied topics are bumped down from the first few pages. jmo, not trying to force anything. I digress, will move on. ;)
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    It was a great rally. I was right there front and center. Got to shake hands with all 3 of them. I agree with you, Sean O'Brien is going to be a key figure in the Teamster's future. I love his tenacity.
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    Went to the Philly "Rally". It felt good to participate. Actually found myself liking hall more then I had thought I would have.
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    He is a handsome man.
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    hall and OBrian were very good in Phiily today listening to hall I think he is the right man to lead our negotiations